Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#2269 Good Looks from Little Brother – State Sweater

Nothing beats a good grey marl crewneck sweater. Zach Morris knew it, Rocky Balboa knew it, and us guys here at Little Brother know it too. We also know that fit is everything, which is why we cut ours slim through the shoulder and arm, and cropped-boxy in the body: It’s as tailored as you’d expect, but it’s still very much a casual garment. It’s also one of those pieces that your girlfriend, sister or roommate is going to want to steal just about every day of the week (don’t get angry if it looks better on her than you, it’s just one of life’s little mysteries). Throw it on over a tee or button down shirt, with a pair of LB Walk Shorts, Burnside Pants or your favourite jeans; push up the sleeves, tie it around your waist and don’t forget to hide it from your lady-friends. And that’s all we have to say about that.

Monday, November 26, 2012

#2268 Namaste from sunny India!

Namaste, friends! This is coming to you live from Goa, India, just a couple of miles from where Jason Bourne's girlfriend Marie was mercilessly gunned down by a Kiwi KGB agent (I'm looking at you, Karl Urban). I'm in town for an Indian wedding which involves everything you'd expect – henna tattoos, prawn curry, beautiful women and progressive trance dance parties until 4:00 every morning. Besides a week in Turkey back in 2006, this is my first proper experience in a developing nation, and I've gotta be honest; I already feel like a local. Yesterday I rode a motorbike with two other men (I was the meat in that chopper sandwich), I've eaten everything that's been put in front of me with no sign of Delhi Belly (knock on wood), and I'm working very hard to master the head waggle – which can mean yes, no, I don't know, maybe and all of the above in the same instance.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#2267 Good Looks from Little Brother – Montauk Polo

We're a sports obsessed nation here in New Zealand but it's no revelation that our favourite pastime – rugby – hasn't had a positive impact on the menswear aesthetic. That said, there was a glory time when rugby jerseys had style; some even came in pretty colour combinations. Our Montauk Polo harks back to those days: When men were men, and women loved them for it (no matter how good they looked in their clothes). And as our good friend Maddy Buddy proves below, the ladies will look pretty good in this one, too.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#2266 The Tan Camera Experience

I'll tell you what's a freaky experience for an OCD control freak like myself – allowing someone into my bedroom to rifle through my colour-coordinated, garment-segregated, evenly spaced wardrobe, pick things out that they like, dump them on my bed, then tell me what to wear. I lasted one outfit with Kimi Selfridge of Tan Camera fame (a Williamsburg photographer who's been making the blogger rounds of late), before my inner Raymond Babbit surfaced. "Uh oh, definitely should wear these pants with that shirt... definitely definitely. Uh oh!" Besides that, shooting with Kim was great fun – she takes you outside, puts you in a location, then makes you stand perfectly still while she snaps away with four different cameras, including one which double exposes you in the final print. The results are intriguing; it's like looking at yourself over several very different eras of photography – Instagram for the manual age, if you will. These were shot for an ongoing project, and if I'm extra well-behaved, she might include me again in the future. Check out all the shots below!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#2265 The illustrator in his natural habitat

Y'all already know about my Richard Haines fandom, which miraculously increased yesterday morning when I received Todd Selby's email blast announcing that he'd shot the illustrator, Prada-collaborator and Dad-of-one at his house in Brooklyn. Why? Because it gave me a chance to creep him in his natural habitat (despite the fact that Richard and I frequently eat chicken sandwiches together, he has never actually allowed me into his home; I can't imagine why). As you'd expect, there's art galore, an Ikea Malm bed (the sleeping furniture of choice for all good Brooklynites), and a plethora of coloured pencils, inkwells and other such implements. And, as you'd also expect, his 14 year old daughter has far more artistic talent than you. Check out a bunch of the shots below, and the cutest answer to any Selby questionnaire question ever (hint: it has something to do with a baby). Good times!

Monday, November 12, 2012

#2264 Good Looks from Little Brother – Polka Dot Shirt

Menswear’s pretty simple really - you take a good looking piece of cloth, cut it into a tried and tested shape, sew it up, and away you go. You want it to be classic with a twist, conservative but not boring, aesthetically pleasing but not too pretty. Kinda like our polka dot short sleeve shirt. Wear it unbuttoned over a plain white tee, on its own, with your LB Burnside pants, Walk shorts, or your favourite pair of jeans. See? Simple.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

#2263 That unbelievably awkward moment when...

Andrej Pejic backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 2011/12. Photo: Katherine Lowe
You go up to Andrej Pejic in a club and tap him on the shoulder, he turns around and you're all like: "Andrej! How's it going man? Long time no see!" Blank stare. "It's Isaac! Isaac from New Zealand!" Prolonged blank staring, coupled with disdainful wrinkling of nose. "You don't remember me?" Head shake. "You know me! Isaac from New Zealand!" Hateful narrowing of the eyes. "My name is not Andrej," he says. Only he is actually a she. No joke, this happened to me last night. Definitely not my finest work. (In my defense, she was the most extreme doppelganger you've ever seen. Still insanity-level awkward.)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

#2262 F*ck Yeah Menswear for the uninitiated

Have you ever tried to explain how to attach a file to an email to somebody over the age of 50? Too easy. Try explaining the F*ck Yeah Menswear phenomenon to someone who has little to no interest in long conversations about the benefits of a softly tailored shoulder on your unlined sportcoat. Last night I dragged my endlessly supportive girlfriend to DUMBO to watch FYMW creators Lawrence Schlossman and Kevin Burrows geek out on a panel with A Continuous Lean's Michael Williams. "Explain to me," she said as we sat down in our taxi. "How did they get a book?"

Friday, November 9, 2012

#2261 Uh Oh Footwear Dot Com

It's that time again! Temperatures have dropped, snow has fallen, frozen puddles are appearing on the footpath, and you know what that means... My beloved Chuck Taylors are to be retired for another season. Luckily in my case that season will only last two weeks (I'm on a whirlwind tour of India, Singapore and New Zealand from November 22), but until then, Clarks Desert Boots are the go. I picked these ones up in Los Angeles last month, and they're comfortable, versatile and good looking, which sounds perfect, right? Yeah, you would think that. The problem is that before I bought mine, I convinced (coerced) my girlfriend, my roommate and my best good friend Jack to buy them, too. Quadruplets, anybody?


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#2260 The facts of life

1. Today's the day, folks! Who will win the 2012 Erection!? (Lol, I've been waiting to say that my entire life.) No but seriously, is it just me or does everybody else think that all this 'IT'S SO CLOSE!' hysteria is just media frenzy? I reckon it's going to be an Obama clean sweep. Obama's got 99 problems but a Mitt ain't one. MOBAMA MO PROBLEMS! Okay I'm done.

Monday, November 5, 2012

#2259 Good Looks from Little Brother* – the Bedford/Burnside suit

Chances are you’ve got some events coming up that might require you to wear a suit – we’re talking Christmas parties, summer weddings, those godforsaken horse races and the odd Bat Mitzvah or two. But this being New Zealand (a country where jandals are an acceptable form of footwear), you’re more than likely going to get away with keeping things casual. That’s where we come in: Little Brother’s suit offering for Spring/Summer 2012/13 is comprised of our Bedford Blazer and Burnside Pants. Both garments are cut in a super lightweight cotton; they look equally good worn together or separately; and you can dress them up with a shirt and tie, or down with one of our raglan-sleeve baseball tees. But here’s the real good news: For a limited time only, we’re doing a special on the lot that’ll blow your mind – the blazer, the pants AND the shirt for the grand total of $300.00. Enjoy. You can thank us later.

Friday, November 2, 2012

#2258 Return to Oz

You know what's weird? Walking around Lower Manhattan and being the only person on the footpath. So it was this afternoon when my friends and I bit the bullet and undertook the unpleasant task of clearing our mate Jenny's fridge – you cannot even imagine the stench. This is day four of the power outages, and it seems as though everyone's just packed up and left. It's devastating when you think of the business owners losing all that money; but so so good when you discover an abandoned digger on the side of the road (see below).