Friday, December 13, 2013

#2439 Back by popular demand — here's Tom Bull in Upstate Stock knitwear!

Ryan Koopmans
Tom Bull in Upstate Stock knitwear. Photos: Ryan Koopmans

KICKSTARTER ALERT! Before we go any further, let me say that I get sent 5 — 10 Kickstarter promo requests per week, and while many are worthy causes, it's not often that one of them grabs my attention enough to make me want to do something about it (whether that thing is donate money or write a blog post). Upstate Stock's email had me from the get-go, for two reasons: 1. I love wool; and 2. We all know how important cottage industry is, we all know how hard small towns have been hit by the proliferation of offshore manufacturing, and finally, because skills like the ones required to operate a 50 year old machine that makes knitted gloves or beanies have been largely lost with the mass shutterings of factories over the past few decades. These guys are attempting to buck the trend and make a go of it, to prove that high quality manufacturing does still exist in this country — and at a fair price.

Upstate Stock has partnered with a family-owned knitwear manufacturer that's been fighting the good fight since 1946 in Adirondack, upstate New York, and they're starting business with a range of hats and beanies with prices that range from $28 for a simple beanie or pair of fingerless gloves, to $62 for a pair of mittens with full deerskin palms. Getting involved with their Kickstarter is simple, inexpensive, and don't worry, you won't walk away empty handed. (Get it!? Because of the gloves!!!) To inspire your donation, please enjoy the following photos of Tom Bull frolicking in the snow, shot by my good friend Ryan Koopmans.

Special thanks to Tom Bull for wearing the gloves and beanie so well in these photos, and to Ryan Koopmans for photographing the occasion.




Anon said...

ffff-whoar to Tom Bull.

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K said...

yay hes back haha. Love that beanie : )

I Wish said...

The snow looks amazing. I wish i was in New York right now!!