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#2619 Handsome Dan’s, Nine-Year-Old Selvedge Denim, And Richard Biedul


What a world, what a week, what a lifetime. First up, Handsome Dan. I mentioned Handsome Dan on the blog back in July of 2012, when he had just opened his namesake candy shop in Williamsburg — I used to visit him most days while walking to South 4th Street from the Bedford Ave subway stop; his store was a welcome pitstop on that 15 minute journey back home. (One does have to keep one’s blood sugar levels up on a trek.)

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#2611 Should I Get Into An Open/Polyamorous Relationship?

Another week, another Good Question. An anonymous young lady asks: So I just met a guy who is polyamorous and has multiple girlfriends. He’s super open and honest about them, so I feel a bit confused because on one hand it feels wrong to go out with him but on the other hand it feels somewhat refreshing that he’s so open about it! I’ve never been in a relationship before, so I’m not sure if it’s healthy to begin my first relationship with someone who will not be exclusive to me… but he’s really sweet and I like him a lot. I’m so confused. Thoughts?

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#2609 New York Fashion Week With A Disposable Camera


A few years ago I decided that I didn’t want to carry a proper camera around with me every day, which is a bit of a conundrum when you’re a one-man-shop, but then I discovered that I could still get some killer fashion week shots with a simple $12 disposable camera, and that everybody loves posing for a disposable camera, so for the last few seasons that’s exactly what I’ve done. And here we are today. This New York Fashion Week I carried two around with me. Here’s the first.

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#2604 The NYFW Q&A — Scott Schuman At The Lincoln Center


About five years ago I interviewed Scott Schuman on the phone from New Zealand and I can honestly say that I was intimidated as all hell, but after being on the menswear show circuit with him for a few years, and occasionally running into him on the streets of New York City, I now know him to be a barrel of laughs. He showed up to the Ugg party that Jenny Albright and I deejayed this afternoon, and I sat him down for a quick Q&A to talk everything from Rihanna VS Beyonce to whether or not he’ll be sending racy iPhone snaps after the iCloud scandal of the past few days.

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