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Friday, March 8, 2013

#2247 Throwback Thursday – Celebrity Obsessions

Me and Adrien Brodie.
This will no doubt come as a huge shock to you all, but when I first started travelling to the different international fashion weeks, I was just as excited by the celebrities sitting front row as I was by the clothes flying by on the catwalks. It didn't really matter who they were – top models, actors, musicians, former hobbits – if they were famous enough for facial recognition, I wanted my picture taken with them. From Kanye West to Kelly Osborne, Alexa Chung to Usher, these are some of my favourites.

Monday, June 27, 2011

#1902 Lanvin fed and watered us then showed some very cool colourful suits

Photos: Sonny Vandevelde

I say this every season, but Lanvin sure knows how to treat a final-day-of-fashion-week audience: it’s a simple formula that includes coffee, tea, water and sweet treats – today’s were donuts and giant cookies that the assembled masses picked at daintily on paper plates (I inhaled mine – as a New Zealander, my ability to not shove food in my mouth is similar to that of an elephant’s). Our setting was the magnificent Bourse de Commerce, a building matched only in stature and light by the Grand Palais – think: enormous, round, frescoed and glass-domed with arches lining the entranceways. Perfect site for a powerful presentation, which is exactly what Lanvin delivered.

Friday, March 11, 2011

#1765 Alber Elbaz is obviously replacing John Galliano at Christian Dior


I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, so for that reason I just couldn't stop myself from weighing in on the who's-going-to-be-the-new-designer-at-Christian Dior rumours. Obviously it has to be Alber Elbaz. Why? Because in my extensive research that includes reading such Tweets as: "Not to add to the Dior rumor mill, but people in Paris are asking, why has the Lanvin team been in tears all day?"; and ignoring such Women's Wear Daily reports as: "Elbaz remains under contract to Lanvin. He’s believed to have equity, and is said to be, for the moment, at least, not interested in leaving."; not to mention words from the designer's mouth, as told to Cathy Horyn of the New York Times: "I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying here."; I've discovered that there was a vaguely similar thread running through Elbaz's Fall 2011 Lanvin collection and Kris Van Assche's Fall 2011 Dior Homme collection. Namely, both included hats, capes, and the colours black and red. See? It all makes such perfect sense! Elbaz for Dior!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#1250 Alber Elbaz on the problem with time

Alber Elbaz and Suzy Menkes

"When I go out sometimes to this kind of fashion event and I see other designers, I see that one of them has a pain in the back and the other one has a migraine and the third one is exhausted, because we are going through this process that is endless. And I think that today editors are feeling the same way, because they have to travel the world season after season and just see and write the reviews in a taxi where they don’t have the time to think about it. Whatever you see today is maybe not what you really feel tomorrow. You just have to see and shoot... And I do feel there is this kind of extreme fatigue that everyone is talking about and there is a need for a change."

He's right - it's amazing how you can get caught up in the pressure of the spectacle and the exhaustion and the deadline and write something, then read it the next day, and go, 'What was I thinking?'


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#1150 Karl Lagerfeld's not going anywhere

Once again, the rumours surrounding Karl Lagerfeld's impending departure from the house of Chanel were incorrect. Chanel sent out the following statement this morning: "Please note that Karl Lagerfeld is the Creative Designer of CHANEL and has a long-term contract with the company. Replacing him is not an issue." So to answer all my own questions, I guess Alber Elbaz will be staying where he is, as will Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin menswear. Baptiste Giabiconi has nothing to worry about, Karl Lagerfeld will keep on doin' what he's keepin' on doin' and hopefully - hopefully - Hedi Slimane will show up somewhere. Until then, this storm in a teacup started by Jak and Jil's Tommy Ton can be solved by watching's recent Paris videos, according to Tommy Ton. I just did, and didn't notice anything at all. Anybody else??


Monday, March 15, 2010

#1148 Alber Elbaz rumoured to be replacing Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel

Photo: Grazia

There's nothing I like better than a good scoop, and this one looks like it's going to be the biggest fashion scoop in absolutely ages. Rumours are currently circulating that Alber Elbaz will leave Lanvin to replace Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. Where did they originate? On Twitter, but not in so many words. On March the 9th, a cryptic Tweet was sent out by Jak and Jil's Tommy Ton, saying, "I received some news tonight that is going to SHAKE the fashion world in the next two days. CRAZY!!!!" That was six days ago, but so far, no earth-shaking news has been revealed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#1066 Backstage at Lanvin

Lucas Ossendrijver, Alber Elbaz, Jakob Hybolt, Alex Dunstan and Jeremy Young - Photos: Steve Wood

Lanvin is always my favourite show of the Paris week. Not just for the clothes or the opportunity to stare unashamedly at Alber Elbaz (though both are good enough reasons), but for the food. You'd think with all the money these designers throw at their fashion shows, they could afford a few croissants. Mais non, Lanvin is the only house to feed its guests. This time, caramel macaroons and peppermint tea. Exactly what you feel like on the morning of the final day. I arrived late and sat on the stairs about a metre and a half from Pharrell Williams, who was standing chatting to Kanye West while Amber Rose posed for photographers nearby. Click here for the whole story. And here for all my catwalk photos.

All the backstage pics below, with Johanes Linder, Alber Elbaz, Lucas Ossendrijver, Benoni Loos, Jeremy Young, Alex Dunstan and way more.

Monday, January 25, 2010

#1050 Paris Fashion Week - the final day

Boys gone wild at Paul Smith

"Alright boys, that was good, that was good, but some of you were looking a bit glum, a bit down beat. I want you to be full of energy, you're having fun, you're on your way out to a party. Let's do it!" I'm sitting backstage at Paul Smith, and the man himself has just finished his preshow pep talk. All the boys are cheering. In a corner of the room sits a 20-or-so-year-old English model named Jonny. He's being interviewed by an Italian fashion TV channel. As it ends, they tell him to say hello to the camera. "Who am I saying hello to?" he enquires. "Say hello to whoever you want," comes the reply. He looks straight down the barrel. "Hello to whoever I want!" Then, pausing, "Oh wait, let's do that again. That last bit made me sound like a proper wanker didn't it?" The boys cheer again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

#915 Quote of the day - Alber Elbaz

"We all eat together at the studio. I have interns who are in charge of the food. At first they were angry. They had their masters degrees in fashion or art and they didn’t feel like they should have to go and buy food. But I said to them, 'By going out and buying food for everyone, you’ll get to know Paris, and you can practice your French.' I think when our relationship starts with food bringing people together, it gets deeper. I think relationships get closer when you share more things than work. They talk about desire, they talk about what it is that they feel like having today. We all eat together. I hardly eat out when I am in Paris. I don’t do lunch dates because it cuts my day. I rarely go out now. I rarely do parties. I don’t do dinners for 10 where you talk about the weather. I can’t take it. I’d rather eat at the studio, because we know each other and we won’t talk about the weather . . . So there is a starting point."
[Interview Magazine]

Families who eat together, stay together.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

#720 Lanvin Menswear F/W 2009 campaign

Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver decided to shoot their F/W 2009 menswear campaign at the Ritz Hotel in Paris after going to a party for ACNE Jeans there. Definitely a good call. I love this campaign. The wallpaper, the couches, the masks, the fricken maroon suit! Lanvin wins.

Monday, July 20, 2009

#670 "I cannot work with bitches" - Alber Elbaz

Alber Elbaz greeting Suzy Menkes before the Lanvin menswear A/W 09/10 show in January

"I cannot work with biches, I can't, I can't. Maybe I am too sensitive, I get blocked. There are some people who don't give a damn. With me, I find that if there is no energy flowing or no connection, I can't think. Talent is amazing - I love it, appreciate it. I respect talent a lot. But if you ask me, 'Talent and bitch, or less talent and good?' I'll go with less talent. We have such an amazing rapport and I think one of the reasons is the food. We are always eating together. At first, I was worried. Is it horrible to ask someone who work for us for three months, 'What did you learn?' And they say, 'Where the best sushi is in Paris.'?"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#630 Lanvin S/S 2010 full show video plus backstage

Here's that video I was telling you about. This was seriously the greatest show I have ever seen. Hands down. I'm in Berlin now where the weather is cooler and the streets less crowded. Oh to be back in Paris!