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#1603 Getting shorty with Anouk Rondel


Like I said the other day, Summer is hands down the hardest season to dress for if you’re a man. With that in mind – and seeing as I’m a sucker for girls in boys’ clothing – I thought I’d let Anouk Rondel show off a couple of pieces I’m going to be wearing as the weather gets a bit warmer. First up: an American Apparel navy and white baseball tee shirt paired with some Crane Brothers tan shorts. I love a good white and tan combo. It’s so American and so simple.Full disclosure: the Crane Brothers shorts were a

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#1908 The facts of life – Paris edition


Waiting for a Métro train at my local stop. Photo: Katherine Lowe 1. We all know that double-cheek-kissing-as-a-greeting is de rigueur in Paris. But that doesn’t mean it’s not confusing. You always kiss friends when you meet them, regardless of gender. You sometimes kiss friends of friends when you’re being introduced, less often if you’re a guy and they’re a guy, but it still happens. You shouldn’t kiss police officers, even if you’re asking for directions. And – this I learned the hard way – you never, ever kiss the cleaning lady when you see her on the street. Cue

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#1761 The facts of life


Yves Saint Laurent – the original troubled designer. Photo: Haw-lin 1. John Galliano-mania has gone about as far as it can go, with tens of thousands of mainstream news stories (it even made the 6:00pm rounds here in New Zealand), and every person with internet access sharing their opinions, thoughts and conspiracy theories on the matter. Rather than adding to the pile, here’s the best piece I’ve seen written thus far, from The New Yorker: “It has been nearly a decade since I wrote a Profile of Galliano for this magazine. I lost track of him long ago. But when

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#1659 The Top 10 Things That Happened (to me) in 2010


Photo: Sonny Vandevelde 1. I overstayed in Sydney to see Kanye West at the premiere for his film Runaway, where he said, “A five year old kid still sees truth before the world has taught them how to think. You’re running in the beginning until people tell you, ‘You can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t,’ and by the end you slow down and have to fall in line… I just wanna be like a five year old kid.” I really liked that line.2. Getting a Canadian male model by the name of Oliver Welton to say the words, “Hard out

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