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#1627 Kiwi model Bella Barber is dead but still makes out with Kanye West in his Monster video


Image: Katherine is Awesome Kiwi expat Bella Barber has hit the big time, starring in Kanye West’s new video for Monster. There’s just one problem – she’s dead in the clip. The unhappy (but awesome) tidings were reported by Katherine Lowe of Katherine is Awesome last night, who noticed Kanye West cradling Barber’s face in his hands in the Monster preview just leaked online (see below). In the short, Kanye also attempts to use the lifeless Bella Barber’s hand to touch another dead model in a rather inappropriate place. Good times had by all. GO THE KIWIS! I LIKE YOU!

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#1663 Kanye West’s Monster video features lots of dead models and a Kiwi

Kanye West‘s NSFW Monster video has leaked online and includes all the trappings of a hip hop clip, like scantily clad models, diamond grills, big booty and a fat man smoking a cigar. But Monster is slightly different from normal, in that all the models are dead, or flesh eating carnivores. If they’re not hanging from chains, they’re about to engage in a necrophiliac menage a trois, or feasting on the internal organs of a deceased young man. To make things even more exciting, one of the threesome victims is none other than Kiwi model Bella Barber. Now I’ve made

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#1448 Jessica Clarke pegged to be ‘the next big thing’ by top casting director, plus all the other Kiwis working New York


Photo: Kiwi model Jessica Clarke is about to have a moment, and if casting director Ashley Brokaw has anything to do with it, that moment could be rather large. Brokaw, who casts models for top designers including Prada, Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler, Narciso Rodriguez and Balenciaga, was quoted in the New York Times last week saying she was “VERY excited about” Jessica Clarke, calling her, “Classic supermodel material from New Zealand.” Repped by Clyne in New Zealand and DNA in New York, Clarke has only worked internationally once before, walking a Calvin Klein show in Sydney back in 2008

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