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#1778 Jack Purcells are the unsung hero of the Converse family


James Dean rocking the Jack Purcells. Photo: The Style House By now, my love for Converse Chuck Taylors has been well-documented. In the last three years alone, I’ve gone through a good seven pairs of navies, one pair of maroons and one pair of cream Comme Plays. But I’ve never owned a pair of Jack Purcells. There was always something about the toe shape and the rubber lip that seemed overdone or fussy, and deviating from my uniform/routine freaks me out enough as it is. But when I was in LA last month, I hung out with a friend who

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#1761 The facts of life


Yves Saint Laurent – the original troubled designer. Photo: Haw-lin 1. John Galliano-mania has gone about as far as it can go, with tens of thousands of mainstream news stories (it even made the 6:00pm rounds here in New Zealand), and every person with internet access sharing their opinions, thoughts and conspiracy theories on the matter. Rather than adding to the pile, here’s the best piece I’ve seen written thus far, from The New Yorker: “It has been nearly a decade since I wrote a Profile of Galliano for this magazine. I lost track of him long ago. But when

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#1716 Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you some sweet, sweet sweaters


Photos: Katherine Lowe It’s amazing what you can buy with $35 New Zealand dollars when you’re not in New Zealand. Back home it would get you (maybe) breakfast for two, half a tank of petrol, a third of a pair of Chuck Taylors or two tee shirts from AS Colour. At Uniqlo in Paris, I bought this white button-down oxford shirt and rusty-orange lambswool sweater combo (twinset?) for a grand total of $70 New Zealand dollars. And they’re both great quality and perfect fits! Uniqlo, Uniqlo, where everybody gets a bargain – and a money back guarantee!I’m wearing a Crane

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#1393 Dress shoes and me – a tale of unrequited love


All shoes: Mark McNairy from here and here. There’s a good reason I’m never seen in anything other than Chucks (or more recently, Vans), and this is it: proper leather shoes terrify me. There’ll no doubt be some Freudian rationale behind this most irrational fear harking back to my school days – I do remember feeling a constant need to rebel against the institutionally-imposed uniform, and as a result spent many a day in detention for swapping my Rugged Sharks for DCs skate shoes.But now it’s getting to the point where if I don’t break the habit soon, I may

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#1356 Jumping on the Vans-wagon


I have been a Converse Chuck Taylor wearer for quite some time now. By quite some time I mean eight years – before, during and after my gangsta – Nike Vandals; rock’n’roll – pointy brown winklepickers; and Dunlop Sports phases. Navy blue high top Chucks. So confident was I in their ability to go with everything that when it came time to pack for my recent European trip, I decided to take that one pair alone. It was a good call – they went with everything. But they also absolutely destroyed my feet. The blisters were diabolical. So when I

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