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#766 Clement Chabernaud in shades of beige


All Images /The Fashionisto It would seem that I’m not alone in the promulgation of uniform dressing (or beige pants). The latest issue of Details has this nine page Clement Chabernaud editorial based solely around the Pantone colour Camel. I can honestly say it’s the best damn editorial I’ve seen in such a long time. I’m big on product rather than process – something that looks great rather than something that comes from an artistic place or a mood. Don’t get me wrong, I love creativity, but I want to look at fashion that is aspirational and inspiring at the

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#781 “I haven’t and won’t conform” – Ash Stymest in Russh Magazine


Scans /Russh Magazine via Emma from Ragpony (thanks!) I have mixed feelings about interviews with models. They’re not actors or politicians or musicians, they’re people who were born looking a certain way. Yes they assist in selling billions of dollars worth of products and in the creation of art, but it’s generally an aesthetic thing, and doesn’t necessarily bear any relation to who they are as people. (Classic example – Clement Chabernaud said recently that if he wasn’t a model he’d be a manual labourer.) That said, most models would have pretty interesting experiences – being flown around from country

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#771 Ash Stymest in Balmain Homme – not a shoulder pad in sight


All Images /The Fashionisto Back in March I blogged about Balmain’s first menswear collection and how much the Clement Chabernaud campaign reminded me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun (which I watched two weekends ago – still amazing). The full collection has just been shot in an Ash Stymest editorial for Japanese magazine HUgE. It’s a very typical Stymest shoot – black and white, angsty, grungy, cigarette in hand, but I’ve gotta hand it to the guy, he can move in front of the camera. It’s quite a small collection, but the whole thing looks to be a darker, more

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