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#2597 On That Polo Rugby It Looks So Nice


I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at old Ralph Lauren campaigns recently, and if there’s one visual motif that ties the lot of them together, it’s this air of, “I’m wearing the actual best of everything that money can buy, and I’m throwing the lot of it together, but you best believe I’m going to pop my collar and untuck my shirt and casually mess with everything to create that perfect blend of luxurious dishevelment just so you know that I know that you know that I know.

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#2049 Our second Like the Boys shoot features Corinna Studier


Photo: Justin Chung Part two of our Like the Boys series has just gone live on GQ and features the world’s greatest German aka Corinna Studier aka The One That Got Away. After last week’s more formal menswear shoot with Georgia Fowler, we decided to keep things casual this time around, opting for classic double denim. Here Corinna’s wearing a New Era blue Yankee fitted, Levi’s Trucker jacket, Sunspel tee, Simon Miller jeans and Chuck Taylors. I’ve been dressing Corinna up in boys clothes for about two years now, and she genuinely pulls it off better than any girl (or

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#2032 The facts of life


Me and Corinna Studier, on set today. Photo: Jian DeLeon 1. Yesterday morning I woke to the delightful sound of a waterfall. The neighbour on the sixth floor’s fridge had started leaking so much that his whole apartment had flooded, causing the fifth floor’s apartment to flood, then my apartment to flood, plus the two below me. While the water ran down the walls in the other apartments, it rained from the ceiling in mine, leaving giant blistering holes in the gib. When the neighbours came in to inspect the damage, one made her way over to the formerly cream

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#2021 Behind the scenes at the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam S/S 2012 Womenswear lookbook

In terms of awesome things I’ve had the privilege of getting up to in New York, going behind the scenes at Mark McNairy New Amsterdam’s first ever womenswear shoot was way up there. Mark McNairy is a true eccentric. When I arrived on set at BPMW 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, he was rifling through his bag of tricks which included a slotcar set, giant Rice Krispies Treat and a prize stag-head on a block. No looks had been styled, there was no official schedule, and when asked what was going to happen, he said, “We’ll see.” Shot

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#1289 Milan and Paris – 28 days, 3 fashion weeks, 1 film fest


Backstage at Lanvin with Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver. Friends! I’m flying to Europe tomorrow! I’m a crazed mixture of excited and scared, ecstatic and anxious. First stop Milan, where I’ll catch up with everybody’s favourite German Corinna Studier, plus fellow New Zealanders Christopher Landon, Courtney Fallow, India Ross and maybe even Michael Whittaker. Milan menswear begins on Saturday and ends on Tuesday, and I’ll be covering it all – the shows, the people, the adventures, the celebrities and whatever else I can get my hands on. Shows of note include Burberry, Gucci, Jil Sander, Prada, Zegna… Let’s hope I

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