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#1624 Behind the scenes at the Crane Brothers Fall 2011 campaign shoot


Photos: Katherine Lowe After a classy and nutritious drive-through lunch at KFC, we stopped by Kingsize Studios yesterday to visit Karen Inderbitzen Waller who was shooting the Crane Brothers Fall 2011 campaign with visiting Dutch male model Jordy (Clyne). According to Murray Crane, “I couldn’t miss the opportunity to use an international model of Jordy’s calibre – he has walked and been shot for Prada and Lanvin and was perfect for the look we wanted to achieve with this collection.” That look includes odd jackets, mismatched suit separates, lots of wool cashmere, suede elbow patches and an incredibly cool grey

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#1866 What’s in store at Surrender


Singapore is good for all sorts of reasons – perennial heat, friendly locals, incredible buildings, cheap taxis, strange smells emanating from grates beneath your feet – but I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of boutique shopping. “It’s mall-city,” I was told. “Miles and miles of malls stretching as far as the eye can see, and guess what’s behind the malls? More malls. Underneath the malls? Underground malls… And a few thousand food courts.” I was given just one store tip – from Leon Vince at Fabric – that Surrender in the Raffles Hotel Arcade was a must see.

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#1660 It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day


Photos: Katherine Lowe Welcome to 2011! Exciting isn’t it. The start of a new year is a magical time, filled with the promise of change and the panic that comes with attempting to realise those resolutions that seemed so achievable on paper but which aren’t so simple in practice. When I was working as a booker in 2007/2008, the start of the year was always the time when models would switch agencies in the hopes of breathing new life into their fledgling, booming or declining careers. The change didn’t generally make much of a difference in the grand scheme, but

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#1603 Getting shorty with Anouk Rondel


Like I said the other day, Summer is hands down the hardest season to dress for if you’re a man. With that in mind – and seeing as I’m a sucker for girls in boys’ clothing – I thought I’d let Anouk Rondel show off a couple of pieces I’m going to be wearing as the weather gets a bit warmer. First up: an American Apparel navy and white baseball tee shirt paired with some Crane Brothers tan shorts. I love a good white and tan combo. It’s so American and so simple.Full disclosure: the Crane Brothers shorts were a

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#1373 Nine year old Cisco Seven joins Zippora and Jasper in the family business


Photo: Karen Inderbitzen Waller Most of us are lucky to have just one good looking person in our family. Two, and fate was smiling. But three? Forget about it. Meet the Sevens. First there was Zippora, touted as New Zealand’s answer to Kate Moss; then Jasper (currently working up a storm internationally with his model girlfriend Dempsey Stewart); and now the Sevens can add another string to their model bow. Nine year old Cisco is the youngest child in the family and has just shot his first campaign – alongside big brother Jasper no less – for Crane Brothers. Lensed

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