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#1347 Zambesi’s Dayne Johnston was pick-pocketed in Paris


Dayne Johnston at the Rick Owens show. Zambesi’s Dayne Johnston wrote a diary for Viva while in Paris, chronicling, among other things, his experience being pick-pocketed in an Australian sports bar. “[W]e head off to a skanky bar filled with Australians to watch the New Zealand versus Italy football game… Then… disaster! I walk into the packed bar only to realise pretty quickly that I have been pick-pocketed. My wallet and passport both gone. I have no identification and no money, not even enough to catch the Metro back to the hotel.” On a happier note, he managed to take

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#2423 Lorde might have won all the awards, but James Lowe killed it in that Zambesi suit


James Lowe and Lorde (aka Ella Yelich O’Connor) James Lowe and I were talking a few weeks ago about what he was going to wear to the New Zealand Music Awards, which took place on Thursday night in Auckland. He threw out a couple of options including an old made-to-measure suit with baggy pants he had lying around in the back of his closet, and a streetwear brand that does a thrifty version of a suit. I was like oh hell no, you’re going to be stared at and photographed all night long, you’ve gotta go all out. He was

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#1944 A dog ate Zippora Seven’s passport


Zippora Seven, as shot by Dayne Johnston (on a disposable camera) at La Perle in Paris. Losing your passport in a foreign country is not an ideal scenario. I watched it happen to a friend of mine a couple of years ago – he went into a kind of catatonic shock followed by hyper ventilation and later a full blown panic attack. The first I heard about Zippora Seven’s predicament was a few nights ago when she called me up to ask if I would be the witness on her passport application. Here’s what she told me: “I was walking

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#1622 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for the person who’s got everything, a magazine subscription


Photos: Katherine Lowe We all have one of those tedious people in our lives who is absolutely impossible to buy for. He or she is generally wealthy with far too many covetable possessions – an amazing car, a sweet house and an iPad on the kitchen table. But here’s what they might not have: a subscription to an amazing magazine that they didn’t even know they needed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! (Plus, if you read all the way to the bottom and use the special Isaac Likes code, you’ll get 10% off subscriptions at Mag Nation! Hallelujah!)

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#1289 Milan and Paris – 28 days, 3 fashion weeks, 1 film fest


Backstage at Lanvin with Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver. Friends! I’m flying to Europe tomorrow! I’m a crazed mixture of excited and scared, ecstatic and anxious. First stop Milan, where I’ll catch up with everybody’s favourite German Corinna Studier, plus fellow New Zealanders Christopher Landon, Courtney Fallow, India Ross and maybe even Michael Whittaker. Milan menswear begins on Saturday and ends on Tuesday, and I’ll be covering it all – the shows, the people, the adventures, the celebrities and whatever else I can get my hands on. Shows of note include Burberry, Gucci, Jil Sander, Prada, Zegna… Let’s hope I

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