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#1210 Georgia Fowler covers Harper’s Bazaar


Image: sassisam Kiwi model Georgia Fowler (bottom, centre) will appear on the cover of June’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia alongside Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Juliana Forge, Meg Lindsay and Stephanie Cherry, according to fashion blog sassisam. It will be Fowler’s first international cover, and, as far as I know, the first time a New Zealander has appeared on a Harper’s Bazaar cover since Kylie Bax circa 1998.A promo shot sent out by HB Is it just me or does this cover remind anybody else of one of those 80s supermodel covers? But without the big personalities. Or the big hair. The

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#1193 Georgia Fowler is the only NZ girl confirmed for RAFW


Photo: Clyne Well this is surprising. Five New Zealand designers are showing at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week (just found out about Sabatini), but so far, only one New Zealand girl will definitely be present – Clyne’s Georgia Fowler. A phone call to all of the other major Auckland agencies revealed that no other girls are being sent over. Reasons included the low economic viability, the younger girls’ school commitments and the simple reality that older girls just don’t get booked. As for the boys, Jasper Seven (repped by Priscillas) will be there, and Michael Whittaker is a 50% possibility according

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#2517 Bombs Away With FCUK


A couple of weeks ago French Connection held an event for a bunch of us New York-based bloggers, where we were treated to dinner, drinks, and shopping. Growing up a child of the 90s in New Zealand, I have two memories of the brand: My wealthy older cousins wearing FCUK clothing bought on trips overseas; and this one time when I was in Surfers Paradise, aged 12, when I couldn’t stop staring at the girl sitting opposite me on the bus to Dreamworld who was wearing a tee shirt emblazoned FCUK OFF! What a babe.

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#2032 The facts of life


Me and Corinna Studier, on set today. Photo: Jian DeLeon 1. Yesterday morning I woke to the delightful sound of a waterfall. The neighbour on the sixth floor’s fridge had started leaking so much that his whole apartment had flooded, causing the fifth floor’s apartment to flood, then my apartment to flood, plus the two below me. While the water ran down the walls in the other apartments, it rained from the ceiling in mine, leaving giant blistering holes in the gib. When the neighbours came in to inspect the damage, one made her way over to the formerly cream

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