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Saturday, July 19, 2008

#110 Doing it all for Chaaaaarity

Following their hugely successful event at Sydney Fashion Week, Stolen Girlfriends Club brought their exhibition of Helmut Newton reproductions back to New Zealand for a party and charity auction last night. The premise was simple: ten of Australasia's top photographers were asked to reinterpret their favourite Helmut Newton photograph in any way they wanted. The results require some statistical information. Of the ten photos, four featured full frontal nudity, five featured breasts, three featured topless girls with breasts obscured from view, two featured wild animals (a crocodile and a bear – alongside or ridden by a nude or scantily clad model), three featured Australian next big thing model Louise Van de Vorst - more to come on her later, and one featured a mangina. I think the 40-something year old lady's comment I overheard said it best: "There sure are a lot of c***s!"

The photographs were auctioned off with all proceeds going to the NZ AIDS Foundation, (Helmut's wife June is a strong supporter of the AIDS cause). I felt sorry for the auctioneer; with that many people milling around he had to scream down the microphone and deal with the drunken fools pretending to bid then pulling out, yelling "psyche!" A whopping $10395 was raised for the cause, with the highest price going for Derek Henderson's image of Louise Van de Vorst lying alongside a grizzly bear – it caused a bidding frenzy among the men and eventually sold for $2000.

Was it gratuitous? Absolutely. But enjoyable? Definitely. There's something about males being allowed to leer at naked girls in the name of art analysis that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

#28 Parties!!

Stolen Girlfriends Club's exhibition is the hottest party of Sydney Fashion Week and it's on tonight – so if you're in town, get down there!

At 7pm on Wednesday April 30th in Sydney, New Zealand pop culture label Stolen Girlfriends Club will present a photographic tribute to the work of legendary fashion photographer Helmut Newton in conjunction with Oyster Magazine. The exhibition will showcase the cream of Australasia's photographic talent with offerings from Derek Henderson, Steven Chee, Ben Sullivan, Karen Inderbitzen Waller, Imogene Barron and David Shields, among others. Each photographer was given the task of recreating a famous Helmut Newton image, but with the freedom to interpret it in their own style – affording them artistic license with location, lighting, sets and models. The photographers were then asked to submit a self-portrait dressed up (or down) as Helmut Newton. Hilarity will ensue.

"We wanted to have an event but instead of showing our collection in a catwalk show, we thought it would be cool to do a collaboration with different photographers and present an exhibition/party. Just so it was a unique event during that manic week, and also to show that our brand does more than just make clothes. Oh and June Newton aka Alice Springs aka Helmut's wife emailed us to give her permission for the project. Rad eh!"

The photographs will be blown up to a super massive A0 and displayed in Sydney's derelicte gallery style venue Oxford Art Factory. Drinks will be served up sweet and spiked from 42below and Boags. Hot young band The Checks will be making the trip from Auckland to head the huge musical line up, including the likes of Ajax (feat KillaQueenz), Act Yo Age, Redial, Hey Now, Kaseo live and other Sweaty friends.