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#1271 Jethro Cave is the 32nd coolest man in the world


Photo: Purple Diary Australian model Jethro Cave is the 32nd coolest man in the world, according to GQ. The grungy model beat out fashion names Humberto Leon (owner/director of Opening Ceremony), Yvan Rodic (The Facehunter), and Waris Ahluwalia (House of Waris designer) to be named the only male model – and the only Antipodean – to make the cut. Guess it doesn’t hurt to be the son of a rockstar or a regular face on Olivier Zahm’s Purple Diary. GQ‘s list also included contributor (and favourite writer of mine) Derek Blasberg at number 31, photographer Todd Selby at number

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#801 Jethro Lazenby Cave – the NO shots


All Images /Ragpony Here’s the Jethro Cave editorial that accompanied that great NO Magazine article I blogged about last week. I don’t own a scanner (or even Microsoft Word for that matter), but I’m very lucky to have a best good friend like Emma Gleason over at Ragpony who painstakingly scanned all the shots for me. Thanks Emma! One thing I’m confused about with the editorial/article is that Per says that Jethro has a tattoo on his chest but in the shots below he clearly doesn’t. Conspiracy? Or something else… I’ve been to about a billion NYFW castings with Michael

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#784 “If I sell out now I won’t be accused of it later” – Jethro Lazenby Cave in NO Magazine


Image /NO Magazine I obviously spoke too soon in my condemnation of model interviews – once I started reading Per Bojsen Moller’s piece on Jethro Lazenby Cave in the latest issue of NO, I was hooked. It’s not even so much the quotes (though some of them are very very good – I’ll come to those later), but the article itself. Bojsen Moller, an ex-model himself, captures the spirit of the young son-of-a-rockstar in a way that I don’t believe has been done yet. This isn’t a light and fluffy puff piece – the likes of which would be found

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#769 Who says Jethro Cave gets NO covers? I do.


Image /John in Charge Well I’ll be. I’ve just seen the first cover from NO Magazine‘s seventh issue and it’s featuring none other than everybody’s favourite bad-boy-model slash son-of-Nick, Jethro Cave. I’ve been a huge fan of Jethro’s ever since that Comme Des Garcons show in Paris when he pulled up his sleeve to reveal ‘RIP SMOOTH CRIMINAL‘ to commemorate Michael Jackson’s passing. The guy’s got balls of steel. Not a bad wee cover. Not bad at all.Update – I just gave NO Magazine editor Melinda Williams a call for more info. She told me that this issue will only

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