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#1734 How I finally met Kanye West


Photo: Katherine Lowe I’d love to be able to tell you a story of how I approached Kanye West all cool and nonchalant and chatted with him for several minutes about the state of menswear and hip hop and how diamond grills actually affect eating habits, but the reality is nothing of the sort, and I am anything but cool or nonchalant. Here’s how it went down. Before the Band of Outsiders show tonight, I walked up to Kanye West and asked if Katherine could take his photo. He said no, not now, because he was eating one of the

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#1663 Kanye West’s Monster video features lots of dead models and a Kiwi

Kanye West‘s NSFW Monster video has leaked online and includes all the trappings of a hip hop clip, like scantily clad models, diamond grills, big booty and a fat man smoking a cigar. But Monster is slightly different from normal, in that all the models are dead, or flesh eating carnivores. If they’re not hanging from chains, they’re about to engage in a necrophiliac menage a trois, or feasting on the internal organs of a deceased young man. To make things even more exciting, one of the threesome victims is none other than Kiwi model Bella Barber. Now I’ve made

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#1537 I overstayed in Sydney to see Kanye West

<p> Youtube Video </p> As you all must know by now, I’m utterly obsessed with Kanye West – I love his music, I love his style, I love how human he is and I love his honesty. So when I was on set at Maroubra Beach on Friday and I received an email from a good friend inviting me to a sneak preview of Kanye West’s short film Runaway on Monday – presented by the man himself – I immediately called Air New Zealand and changed my flight. And then fainted with excitement.Well folks, the day has come, I’ll be

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#894 Kanye West’s new NSFW video by Spike Jonze

Check out Kanye West‘s new video for We Were Once A Fairytale directed by Spike Jonze. It is full on. FULL ON! But pretty amazing. Kanye plays himself, extremely intoxicated in a bar and making an awkward fool of himself, then sleeping with a girl, then performing Seppuku on himself in the bathroom. I’m a massive Kanye fan, but love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect a guy who’ll make himself look this bad in a video. The clip premiered on his blog yesterday, but was taken down soon after. No doubt it’s been banned, watch it, you’ll

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