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#1527 Junya Watanabe kills it with stripes and flats


Photos: Femininity be damned – I always think girls look better when they’re dressed in boyish clothes (it’s one of the reasons I like Karen Walker so much). For Spring 2011, Junya Watanabe followed up on his nautical boys with a sailor-striped collection for the girls, complete with leggings under layers and white bucks on their feet (more looks below). Very few things look as good as a girl in an amazing pair of men’s shoes, and these are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Down with heels – up with flats!I LIKE YOU!

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#1525 Top 12 things to do in Wellington


Photos: Katherine Lowe 1. Visit Caffe L’affare. Go for the coffee, stay for the hilarious wall art.2. Take photographs with iconic Wellingtonians like… Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart of Twenty Seven Names; Mava Moayyed of Kate Sylvester; Mina Melsom (at the incredible World Press photo exhibition on right now – GO SEE IT!); And Andy Sales at Good as Gold. 3. Try on fun hats, like… This one from Karen Walker; This one from Artikel; Or this one from Swonderful, it says Good Effort! Swonderful’s heart plates are also a good time. 4. Take alternative, artistic photographs in front of

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#1188 Saturday sifting


Photos: Katherine Lowe You know those days spent aimlessly wandering, attempting to kill time by any means possible? Welcome to my Saturday. Here’s how it went down – Crane Brothers, Auckland Public Library, Bambina, Superette, One, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Fabric, Burger King. Katherine brought her camera along and chronicled what was, essentially, a day of loitering. See below.First stop, Crane Brothers, to hem Katherine’s new made-to-measure pants. She chose a one and a quarter inch cuff. Next, a quick visit to sign up at the Auckland Library, where, on my Dad’s orders, I attempted to borrow a copy of

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#1061 Mikhail Gherman – ad man, creative maestro, artiste?


Drawing: Mikhail Gherman It’s Mikhail Gherman‘s birthday today, and right now he and a crew of revelers are celebrating at a bar on Ponsonby Road. As well as being a top creative director at Publicis Mojo, husband to Karen Walker and regular mentor to me, it would seem Mikhail has quite the talent for drawing. I’ve just been sent the above picture – drawn by Mikhail in a quick-art competition with acclaimed Kiwi photographer Deb Smith. I haven’t seen Deb’s picture, but his one gets a hearty Yarrrrr from me. Happy Birthday Mikhail! Here’s to another 46 (or 47). They’ve

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#806 Queen Karen’s New York preshow build-up


Image /The Karen Walker team with a model in a new season outfit A very relaxed Karen Walker greets me in the doorway of her East Village apartment cum-workroom, cum-casting studio, cum-styling station. It’s 10:30 in the morning, I’m allowed thirty minutes. After one of those slightly awkward kissing moments – she goes for both cheeks, I go for one (I quickly recover, hoping she doesn’t notice) – she leads me into the lounge. Three or four racks groaning with the weight of hundreds of dresses, pants, blazers, skirts and possibly even a cape or two sit in the middle

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