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Saturday, May 10, 2014

#2533 The facts of life — Music Edition

I get pretty obsessive when it comes to music, and by obsessive, I mean I'll usually have about five-10 songs I listen to on repeat for weeks at a stretch. Right now, those songs run the gamut from incredibly depressing to mildly upsetting to amazing when you're walking down a crowded city street and require a soundtrack to your life. Plus Drake. Click below to hear the 10 songs on my playlist right now.

Monday, April 8, 2013

#2267 The 10 Saddest Songs Of All Time

It's Sunday evening here in New York, and I've spent the entire weekend conceptualising, shooting and editing the next episode of Maybelline NY to NZ, walking around aimlessly with my friends and staying up too late for no other reason than it's how I spend every night of my god damn life. My Dad just sent me a New Zealand tax bill, the heating is still broken in my apartment and a pigeon found its way into the living room this afternoon and shat on every available surface. In short, I'm exhausted but more pertinently I'm at a loss for words and I'm fairly certain that I don't have a Facts of life in me right now, so let's try something different for a change. My three favourite New Yorkers came over to my house tonight so that we could go see Tyler Perry's Temptation – an 'urban drama movie' which is a genre of cinema that doesn't exist in New Zealand and which I've been dying to try out – but we were all too tired to get off the sofa so we stayed in and played cards and listened to some sad, sad songs. If you don't love sad songs, you're obviously living life the wrong way. These are some of my favourites for all those GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD, FML-type moments. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#2258 The facts of life

Carven Spring/Summer 2013.
1. Guess what, guys!? At the risk of sounding even more shallow than usual, I had my favourite day in as long as I can remember yesterday on a wild shopping spree with my girlfriend and our best good friend Jenny. Why did I enjoy it so much? Because I got to suggest outfits for them to try on – which they did without protest – and if they looked great, they bought the clothes. We all have things we're good at in this world, and I've always prided myself on two things: Parallel parking and personal styling. When you find something you love this much (and which you also have a knack for), you have to pursue it. It's about time I turned my obsession with overhauling people's wardrobes into a career. Watch this space.

Monday, April 23, 2012

#2163 The Likes List – Music Edition*

1. Way Too Cold – Kanye West.