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#1405 White jazz shoes might have another moment


Photo: NY Times Back on shoes again, this time of the white jazz variety. The New York Times‘ T blog currently features Mark Ronson in a story about his penchant for the infamous Repetto jazz shoe. Repetto’s white jazz shoes have a bit of a history among well dressed rockstars, with Serge Gainsbourg reportedly tearing through 30 pairs a year from the 1970s till his death in 1991. How anybody could go through 30 pairs of shoes per year is beyond me, but who am I to say so – those were different times.I had a brief dalliance with the

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#747 Michael Whittaker – hair apparent


Image / This photo of Michael Whittaker has just show up on’s seasonal trend report for Fall, entitled Protection Racket. The text alongside it reads: “A season ago, Tim Hamilton was showing looks that were downright boyish. His new direction? Militarily precise, from the spit-shined boots to the boot camp-issue buzz cut.” I hate to be a hair-nerd, but I’m going to have to disagree with on that last point. The haircut in question initially showed up on the catwalk at Givenchy‘s show in Paris on 23 January, then some three weeks later at the Tim Hamilton presentation

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