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#1624 Behind the scenes at the Crane Brothers Fall 2011 campaign shoot


Photos: Katherine Lowe After a classy and nutritious drive-through lunch at KFC, we stopped by Kingsize Studios yesterday to visit Karen Inderbitzen Waller who was shooting the Crane Brothers Fall 2011 campaign with visiting Dutch male model Jordy (Clyne). According to Murray Crane, “I couldn’t miss the opportunity to use an international model of Jordy’s calibre – he has walked and been shot for Prada and Lanvin and was perfect for the look we wanted to achieve with this collection.” That look includes odd jackets, mismatched suit separates, lots of wool cashmere, suede elbow patches and an incredibly cool grey

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#888 “GROW UP AND GET REAL” – Murray Crane on complaining ANZFW designers


Image /Crane Brothers Weighing in on the Air New Zealand Fashion Week debate, Murray Crane had this to say on his blog: “I have tried to be quite tight lipped over Fashion Week. Being involved in the past I have seen it from both sides as a guest and as a designer. In this mornings Sunday Star Times there was an article that, in its precis form, was stating that there were designers unhappy with the amount of money they had spent on their shows and that in return they had received very little exposure and hadn’t got any international

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#774 Murray Crane and his ‘Politically Incorrect Job Ad’ on Breakfast


Screengrab /TVNZ Murray Crane – the man behind Little Brother, Gubb and Mackie and Crane Brothers; maker of my upcoming maroon suit; and unabashedly fearsome employer was on TVNZ’s Breakfast this morning talking with Paul Henry about the controversial Help Wanted advertisement he placed on his Crane Brothers blog three weeks ago. Paul Henry (being Paul Henry) took great pride in reading out the entire advert live on air, placing special emphasis on certain words – ‘fabulous, mutter, bitching and moaning, shut up’. He then asked, “Murray are you an arse of an employer?” Besides that though, the interview showed

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#1031 Dressing habits of the NZ man – an addendum


Photo: The Sartorialist I feel like I should explain. I posted that quote from Andrew Williams yesterday – in all honesty – because I kind of agreed with the point he was making. In my opinion, New Zealand men (as a general rule) don’t dress as well as they could. But then I read all the angry comments and realised that Andrew Williams’ opinions made him sound like a bit of a pompous twat. A superior, worst-kind-of-Englishman-looking-down-on-the-colonies, pompous twat. Which in turn makes me a pompous twat for reposting them. I take full responsibility. But I’m not done.I came across

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#993 A few words with Glenn Yungnickel


Image /Tux Hika If there was an award for New Zealand’s most exciting up-and-coming menswear designer of 2009, the clear and unrivalled winner would be Glenn Yungnickel. With that in mind, let’s create an award. I think it’ll be called: New Zealand’s most exciting up-and-coming menswear designer of 2009. And the winner is… (drum roll)… Glenn Yungnickel! (Rapturous applause.) First seen at Dunedin ID Fashion Week in March with a collection of voluminous shirts paired with Japanese worker blazers and jackets, he then went on to create an all-red Honours collection shown at the AUT Rookie show in October. And

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