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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#1988 The Isaac Likes content guide to New York Fashion Week

Justin Wu, Shu Pei and me on the Hudson River pier.

New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow at 9:00am with the Steven Alan presentation and finishes nine days later at 8:30pm with the Marc Jacobs show. From now till then, things are going to get a little hectic. The good news is this: There's going to be plenty of content coming your way – alongside my typical mash up of stories and news snippets, backstage shenanigans and Q&As right here on the blog and the Tumblr, I'm going to be writing show reviews for the New Zealand Herald, and filming video interviews with a whole raft of exciting characters for The Moment, T Magazine's online arm. (Special thanks to Mr Bruce Pask for that golden opportunity.) So pretty much what I'm trying to tell you is that I'll be running around like a mad man shooting photos and video, writing scores of stories and trying to keep myself out of too much trouble. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I sure hope so – after all, whoever heard of anything good getting done by people with time on their hands?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#1837 26 year old Dan Ahwa has replaced Alice Rycroft as the fashion editor of Canvas

Alice Rycroft and Dan Ahwa. Photo: Katherine Lowe

There are a couple of well-placed jobs in the New Zealand fashion media that very rarely change hands: editor in chief of Fashion Quarterly, fashion editor of Viva, fashion editor of Sunday, and fashion editor of the Weekend Herald's Saturday lifestyle pullout Canvas. The latter position has been held by Alice Rycroft for the past six years, but the veteran stylist quietly departed some weeks ago to take over fashion editorship of ACP's Next Magazine. Replacing Rycroft at Canvas is 26 year old stylist (and wearer of good duffel coats) Dan Ahwa, whose portfolio includes shoots for Harpers Bazaar, Fashion Quarterly and Elle Mexico; show styling for Salasai, Sera Lilly and Jaeha; and commercial work for Hallensteins and Calvin Klein Jeans. Fantastic to see a bit of young blood in the mix, here's hoping he'll inject a bit of much-needed youth and vitality into the Weekend Herald. Ahwa has shot his first lot of images for the newspaper, which will appear in print in three weeks' time. Best of luck to him.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#1777 Do fashion bloggers have integrity?

Bryan Boy and Tommy Ton sitting front row alongside top critics and Vogue editors.

Have bloggers sold out? That's the question posed by NZ Herald contributor Cathrin Schaer in her piece The write stuff, published in today's Viva (the Herald's Wednesday fashion/lifestyle pullout). "Once upon a time they were voices in the online wilderness, crying out for love from the industry they adored... My, how things have changed. During the last round of fashion shows in Europe and America, which wound up last week in Paris, elaborately clad bloggers sat in the front row alongside the industry's most influential. Fashion bloggers are now collaborating not just with established fashion media like Vogue, Elle and assorted newspapers, but also with designer labels and fashion agencies both to create signature fashion items and to help market new products."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#1447 Mr Vintage Sideswiped over charity tee

The tee shirt in question. Photos: Mr Vintage

Auckland tee shirt retailer Mr Vintage is currently embroiled in a bit of online biffo with the NZ Herald's resident tongue-in-cheek lady of the back page, Ana Samways. It all started this morning when Samways wrote the following in her daily Sideswipe column:
"Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, T-shirt purveyor Mr Vintage has created a benefit T-shirt with a seismograph in the shape of the Christchurch Cathedral to support earthquake victims. How lovely! From every sale, $5 will be donated to the Red Cross quake appeal. How generous ... Or is it? The T-shirt costs $29.95, so if they sell 150, Mr Vintage will bank $2842 (minus an estimated $6 each to make) and Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal will get $750. Plenty of businesses will be trying to capitalise off the earthquake in Christchurch - 'buy this product and we'll donate [insert amount here] to such and such appeal. Please, just donate the full amount directly. Or make an automatic $20 donation by phoning 0900-33-200."
Mr Vintage wasn't impressed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

#1134 Oscars red carpet live blog LIVE NOW

Hello best good friends, today I'm going to ask you to join me on the New Zealand Herald website to read, participate, comment, debate and mud-sling the Oscars red carpet. I'll be joined in the frivolity by Noelle McCarthy, Myrddin Gwynedd and Russell Baillie. Fun and hilarity is guaranteed.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

#1130 Live blogging the Oscars

Photo: Out

I am privileged to have been asked to live blog the Oscars red carpet build up for the New Zealand Herald website with Noelle McCarthy on Monday. One of the things that I've been briefed to talk about is recent trends in red carpet attire. I joked with a friend this morning that, being more a menswear specialist, those trends would sound a little like this: "Expect to see plenty of tuxes, lots of black, some satin lapels, a few white shirts, maybe some pleats or bibs, a bow tie here and there, a few regular ties, and, if we're really lucky, some midnight blue." Out had the same idea, but decided to spice it up a bit, by transposing the nominated actors' heads onto their favourite runway looks. Case in point - George Clooney above, in Comme Des Garcons. If only. See the rest here. And don't forget to tune into the Herald website on Monday!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

#1106 New Zealand's Next Top Model coming back in 2010

Photo: Andy Pickering

First, New Zealand's Next Top Model had been scrapped, then a return to screens was a 'distinct possibility', then an exciting announcement was hyped on the show's Facebook fan page. The latter was a surprise to TV3's group publicist Nicole Wood, who told me that if there was an announcement to be made, she would be the one making it - and she hadn't. Unusual, seeing as the Facebook page is controlled by TV3 - perhaps some overzealous minion got trigger happy before the self-imposed embargo was lifted. No update has been made on the fan page since, but TV3's own website has begun calls for pre-applications.

Friday, February 12, 2010

#1086 My Alexander McQueen piece for the NZ Herald

It's been a crazy morning. I was woken at about 8:00am by my phone, which was buzzing with three messages simultaneously - an email, a text message and a BBM, all of which were telling me to wake up, because Alexander McQueen had died. The text message was from Eveline Jenkin, Online Life and Style Editor of the NZ Herald, asking me to write a piece for them about the designer's passing. I did as much research in as short a time as possible, and the article is up on the Herald website now. Apologies if my initial report on the death (my previous post) sounded a little callous, I was in a daze and trying to get things done as quickly as I could. I never met Alexander McQueen, nor did I have the chance to attend any of his shows, but it really was an honour to be asked to write about his life and death. You can read my Herald piece below.

Friday, December 11, 2009

#987 Tyra Banks 1 - Me 0

Imagine the utter desperation and hateful sickness a gambler feels when he's just bet the final ten thousand of his mortgage on a hand of Blackjack and lost. The money's all gone, he's broken his final promise to his wife, now she'll leave him (with the children) and he'll be cast out onto the street from whence he came. Welcome to my world. I was at the dairy up the road at 2:30pm buying a grapefruit Fruju when I got the call from Pilot Magazine's Andy Pickering. "Isaac, Tyra Banks is at Cibo in Parnell. Right now. How quickly can you get here?" "10 minutes," I replied, dropped the Fruju and ran.

Here's how it went down.

Monday, November 23, 2009

#940 Dion Lee: Australia's new design star (from the NZ Herald)

Image /Nick Hudson

Here's the profile I wrote about Dion Lee for the NZ Herald while I was in Sydney...

Wunderkind. Boy genius. Overnight sensation. Rising star. Mention Dion Lee's name to those in the know and these are the breathless exclamations you'll hear. He's young, only 23, but already he's being tipped as the greatest talent to have come out of Australia. Ever. Imagine the pressure. It all got a bit much after his show at Sydney Fashion Week in April. I wandered backstage to grab a quick picture and found him sobbing between interviews and photo requests. But he lived up to the hype - the reviews were glowing and unanimous. Fashion Wire Daily's Godfrey Deeney described it as "the best debut collection by any designer on the planet this year".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#751 'Hopelessly Devoted' article on uniform dressing in Viva today! UPDATED

Fashion writer and fellow blogger Zoe Walker interviewed me for Viva last week about how I wear the same thing - or a variation of the same thing - every day of the week... Little Brother beige pants, beige socks, navy Chucks, sweaters and a Gap shirt. You might notice in the photo above that I'm wearing grey pants today. I started getting a little worried that my beige pants were going to die on me, so I took them back to Murray Crane and asked him to make me another couple of pairs. That way I might even be able to start washing them sometimes. If you look really closely you might also notice that the beige pants in the article's photo aren't actually my Little Brother pants. They're my massive pleated Ralph Lauren pants that approximately 52% of you hated and 48% of you liked. The day that photo was taken was the first time I ever wore them out in public (basically the one day of the year I was unfaithful to my uniform-dressing ways).

Monday, June 15, 2009

#584 Hark the Herald, bloggers sing!

Image /nzherald

I'm two days out from leaving Auckland, still haven't thought about packing. Four days out from my sister's wedding - that I'm MCing - still haven't decided on an outfit or written my speech. Five days out from leaving the country for what will be my first ever international Fashion Week circuit, it's going to be full blown summer, and all I can think to wear is my new CATS tee shirt. I probably should be a little stressed.

No time for that, I just got some great news!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

#417 Blagging Rights - Paris Fashion Week article for Viva

Here are the PDFs (page 2 below) of my Paris Fashion Week article that ran in Viva in the NZ Herald yesterday. I hope you like it!

Thanks to Beth from Viva for the PDF!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#414 Paris Fashion Week exploits in VIVA today!

Be sure to check out VIVA in today's New Zealand Herald to read all about my exploits in Paris, sneaking into shows and having little adventures all over town. I'll post the PDF as soon as I get my hands on it.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

#401 NZ's Next Top Model criticism: where are the non-whites?


New Zealand's Next Top Model has encountered criticism in an NZ Herald article today over the mono-culturalism of the final contestants chosen. According to the article, of the 13 finalists, only two identify themselves as Maori. It doesn't say which two, but I would assume Tiffany and Hosanna. Besides those two, there's Ajoh from Sudan, and I'm not 100% sure, but Ruby looks to me to be part Cook Island Maori or something similar. The remaining nine are about as white as they come, with one commentator noting:
"These girls are pretty, but they all look like Supre [clothing] store girls."

Check out the article and share your thoughts – I'm going to write more on this later. In a related topic, I'm MCing the NZ Race Unity Speech Awards tonight!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#304 Isaac Likes in the news - What I Pack

Here's a little interview I did with the NZ Herald (click to enlarge) last week about what I pack, travel tips and what I can't travel without. It's out in today's NZ Herald in the Travel pullout. If you're wondering about the photo, it's got to be at least 2 years old. I was going through a pull-funny-pose-whenever-cameras-are-around phase. This one is the 'Whaaa Happened?' - it's a bit of a signature.

Thanks Zoe, and thanks to Jim Eagles, the editor, for the PDF.