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#1781 Sara Tetro wouldn’t let a six-pack hot-blooded guy in the Top Model house just to boost ratings


Photo: tfs Sara Tetro and her fellow judges have spent the past 11 days scouring the country for potential candidates for New Zealand’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. The team have seen thousands of girls and boys over the course of the tour, and they’re not ruling anybody out – this season transgendered models are being encouraged to audition. “I’ll accept anyone when it comes down to modelling,” says Tetro, “and obviously transgendered boys are very topical this season – we gave Andrej Pejic his first job [an editorial shoot for Black Magazine]. If anyone shows up with a face

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#1411 62 Models embraces social media – joins Twitter, starts a blog


Screengrab: The all new 62 Models blog. Despite being one of the best modelling agencies in the country, holding the prize contract for New Zealand’s Next Top Model and representing the likes of Zippora Seven, Stella Maxwell, Vinnie Woolston and Ella Drake, 62 Models’ website has been – how shall we say – a little outdated for a while now. With its dirty green background and tiny gridlocked photographs, it bore a closer resemblance to a 90s catalogue than a good looking page advertising good looking people. Until today, that is. Behold, 62 Models’ new website. Now that’s what I

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#1378 ‘How To Look Good Naked’ shoot planned for New Zealand’s Next Top Model?


Photo: Google How To Look Good Naked‘s Gok Wan is in the country right now, and rumours are circulating that he’s here to guest judge an episode of New Zealand’s Next Top Model. According to GayNZ, Wan mentioned that he would be “filming” from Monday to Friday. If it is true, the Top Model producers could be venturing into uncharted territories. Story lines are often built up relating specifically to a particular guest judge, and, alongside his work as a stylist, Wan’s specialty is making women feel comfortable with their naked bodies. Does this mean we can expect a nude

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#1371 New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 2 – what we know so far

YouTube Video We’re eight days out from the premiere of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and you know what that means – Give me models, give me money, plus Colin Mathura-Jeffree, a little fashion and some girl-drama thrown in along the way. The first episode will see the 33 shortlisted girls fly to Wellington to compete in a catwalk challenge high above the harbour. The 33 will then be whittled down to the final 13 who will compete… to become… New Zealand’s Next Top Model.While I can’t name the person shooting the first episode’s challenge, I can reveal all of

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#800 No more NZ’s Next Top Model… UPDATED – Or is there?


Image /Pilot Magazine Sad news for Kiwi reality TV fans, New Zealand’s Next Top Model is no more. According to this article in the New Zealand Herald today, TV3 have pulled the plug on a NZNTM second series due to budget constraints resulting from low advertising revenues. “It’s done well for us,” said TV3 MediaWorks programming director Kelly Martin. “But we won’t be able to afford it in the short term.”And there I was hoping for a guest spot in the second series! We can only hope that they’ll be back for more once la crise is ended. UPDATED: TV3

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