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Thursday, October 29, 2009

#903 Rene Vaile exhibition opening tonight

All Images /Rene Vaile

Expat Kiwi photographer Rene Vaile is opening his first ever New Zealand exhibition tonight at Plaything Gallery on France Street. I ran into the man himself yesterday at Wunderkammer on Ponsonby Road (where he used to work - though he said it was more for the clothes than the money), wearing a bright orange puffer jacket, pink patterned Comme shirt, olive corduroy pants and tan desert boots. Amazing. Rene never ages. He swears he's somewhere around the 30 mark, but doesn't look a day over 25. He's like one of those annoying movie star looking guys who's forever suspended in time. He started out here in New Zealand as a skate photographer then transitioned to fashion, shooting for clients like Stephen Marr and Cybele, then moved to Sydney where he's shot for everyone from Oyster to Vogue. This exhibition is a showcase of his portraits of friends (like Olivia O'Driscoll above) and travel snaps. It runs until Saturday 14 November. But make sure you come tonight. It'll be a party.

Monday, May 11, 2009

#504 Another day, another cover for O'Driscoll

Image /The Fashion Spot

The Japanese covers and editorial keep rolling out for Oliva O'Driscoll. Here she is on the cover of Nonno More Wedding magazine. With her newly beefed up book, what can we expect to see from her on the European catwalks come September? Will Prada come knocking?

Tons more editorial after the jump - special thanks to my mate James for the heads up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

#498 Olivia O'Driscoll, all covered up

Image /

I haven't heard much from Olivia O'Driscoll for the past couple of months, so I was happy to see this one show up in my Google Alerts this morning. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this girl is 100% New Zealand's brightest star in the making right now. I love that face. Here she is on the cover of Japanese magazine Spur, which she shot alongside Elle, Figaro, Harpers Bazaar, Dazzle and Gisele when she was in Tokyo in March. Is it just me or is there ten times more writing on that cover than on a normal magazine?

Word on the street is that she's planning a return to the runways in Europe and the States for next season - I'll be watching out. Tons of new O'Driscoll editorial after the jump.

All images Spur Magazine /the fashion spot

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#293 Australia's Next Top Model? Olivia O'Driscoll in Australian Vogue


Well she disappeared for a while, but New Zealand's fastest rising girl du jour Olivia O'Driscoll has hit newsstands with an editorial out now in the March edition of Australian Vogue. The two-girl-shoot, shared with Australia's Next Top Model winner Alice Burdeu, is set in what looks to be the garden of a stately home. Flowers abound in each shot, and they're not limited to the backdrop. O'Driscoll's outfits each appear to have a floral theme, and in one shot (above), her printed trench coat blends in like army camouflage (dainty, lady-like army camouflage) with the rose bush behind her.


According to the Nova website O'Driscoll is in Japan for the next month, heading back to NZ in March, which suggests that she'll be skipping the upcoming season of shows. Pity, we could do with another New Zealander over there, it'd bring our total up to four.


Either way, it's exciting to see a New Zealand girl getting some headway. I'm still looking forward to seeing her first major outing on the international catwalk, perhaps Prada will come knocking next season?

Friday, October 3, 2008

#196 Olivia O'Driscoll Goes Japanese in Paris


It took me a while to find her, (thanks to Patty Huntington for the tip-off) but Kiwi model Olivia O'Driscoll hit the Paris catwalk in Yohji Yamamoto on Monday night. In a season that's been dominated by models eating catwalk due to outrageously high heels, those three sweet words "you're wearing flats" must have caused a communal sigh of relief among the girls in Yohji Yamamoto's show.

Needless to say there were no catwalk spills or unnecessary dramas, only calm reflection as the models strolled the runway at a slow and leisurely pace. In their review, said the "models' stately pace...encourages the eye to relax, which isn't so easy after 20-something days of nonstop fashion. Those who did settle into the mood were well rewarded by a collection that didn't necessarily break ground, but was lovely in a quiet, almost meditative way."

Sounds like a walk in the park compared with Prada – a serene, contemplative Japanese park.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

#189 Olivia O'Driscoll – Misses Prada and Possible Humiliation

Well, she may not have gotten the Prada/Miu Miu exclusive everyone was talking about, but at least she didn't suffer extreme shame on her first outing on the Milan catwalk - see video clip at 1:46.

O'Driscoll was put on hold by Prada's superstar casting agent Russell Marsh – a man with a knack for launching some of the world's top model's careers, (including Sasha Pivovarova) and a reputed obsession with being the discoverer of up and coming talent.

It was widely known that Russell Marsh had put O'Driscoll on hold for the Prada/Miu Miu exlusive; the Dominion Post wrote an article about it, Patty Huntington blogged about it on Frockwriter, as did I on this blog. O'Driscoll had also done the rounds on the popular forum The Fashion Spot.

During NZ Fashion Week an international model booker told me a story about an American girl who had flown herself to Milan for a possible Prada exclusive, only to be dropped from the show by Marsh while in makeup backstage. The reason? The girl had told friends about the booking on her Myspace page.

Did Olivia O'Driscoll miss out on the Prada booking due to too many people talking about her online, or is hers just another case of the Kiwi preoccupation with trumpeting New Zealanders – particularly models – who have any success overseas? As Chadwick Models' head booker Joseph Tenni said when I interviewed him last week, "[Olivia O'Driscoll] is New Zealand’s new hype bunny."

It'll be interesting to see what happens in Paris... Will the hype be realised?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

#165 Olivia O'Driscoll - Skipping ANZFW for Prada?

I've just read some incredible news about New Zealand's rising star Olivia O'Driscoll on Patty Huntington's Frockwriter blog. 17 year old O'Driscoll will not be making an appearance at Air New Zealand Fashion Week (starting Tuesday), but that's ok, because she's on hold for a DRUM ROLL..... Prada/Miu Miu show exclusive in Milan later in the month. If she lands the exclusive, she's set to earn a whopping - and I mean fricken whopppppping - $128,000.

Caroline from Nova, O'Driscoll's NZ agent, had this to say in a Dominion Post article yesterday morning:
"Financially, it was a no-brainer. It is really frustrating because everyone here wants to use her and I feel really embarrassed as NZ Fashion Week is really important to us, but it is important that Olivia is in Paris."

No-brainer is perhaps the understatement of the century; $128,000 for two shows compared with a few hundred dollars per show here in New Zealand. I know which one I'd choose. And this is all happening for a girl who, a mere 12 months ago, didn't want to get into modelling at all.

"There was lots going on in my life and I couldn't really commit 100 per cent to modelling at that time, when I commit to doing something, I commit 100 per cent and so this year was definitely the right timing for me."

I'll bet you $128,000 she's not regretting that decision now.