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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#1359 The Qubic shoot

Photos: James K Lowe

Like I mentioned the other day, I took part in a photoshoot for Qubic on Tuesday, wearing pieces from the latest Uniform Experiment and Sophnet collections. I was given free reign to style my own outfits, which is pretty much the equivalent of setting a fat kid down in a candy store and telling him to go buckwild. I discovered something along the way. You can see how stylists become one trick ponies – it is a lot harder than you'd expect to create looks using clothes that are quite different from what you personally wear. In this scenario – baggy paint splattered jeans and nylon hooded anoraks (I did my best). When in doubt, go with what you know – beige pants FTW.

Lots more below.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#1356 Jumping on the Vans-wagon

I have been a Converse Chuck Taylor wearer for quite some time now. By quite some time I mean eight years – before, during and after my gangsta – Nike Vandals; rock'n'roll – pointy brown winklepickers; and Dunlop Sports phases. Navy blue high top Chucks. So confident was I in their ability to go with everything that when it came time to pack for my recent European trip, I decided to take that one pair alone. It was a good call – they went with everything. But they also absolutely destroyed my feet. The blisters were diabolical. So when I came back home to New Zealand, I retired them. For the past week, I've been wearing my half-size-bigger cream Comme Play Chucks, but they don't go with my beige pants, they don't go with my beige socks, and they're a little too camp for an everyday shoe. While I was in Paris, I hung out with Jeremy Bowden who kept wearing these awesome beat up blue low top Vans. They were the perfect summer shoe – super fresh when worn sockless and so cool with cuffed jeans.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

#554 What's in store at Quarters

I won't hold it against you if you've never heard of Quarters Boutique on Broadway in Newmarket. I hadn't either until Frank who owns it (along with Qubic downstairs) sent me an email about the little video I did on the night of the Air Yeezy launch. Quarters is like one of those Japanese boutiques you always hear about - impossible to find if you don't know about it, but once you know, you know. To put it in hip hop terms, if Qubic is the Jay Z of streetwear stores, Quarters is its Mos Def - slightly more refined and suited to a more sophisticated audience. Frank told me that the reason behind the store's anonymity is that when a potential stockist approaches the Japanese brands he sells (Sophnet, SophnetxVisvim, Uniform Experiment), they're forced to sign a contract with the brands promising to not sell them at ground level on a main shopping street. At the Visvim stores in Japan, no music is played and the retail staff aren't even allowed to talk to customers unless spoken to first. They're peculiar philosophies but they seem to work - the brands all have extreme cult followings.

All the photos below.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

#522 Air Yeezys pull a big crowd

100 metre queue outside Qubic tonight as sneaker fans flock to get their chance to buy one of the thirty pairs of Nike Air Yeezys on sale in New Zealand. Three of the six guys who stayed up all night to get a pair actually got them, including the number one man - who'd been waiting for 30 hours.

UPDATE!! As I predicted, the first pair of Air Yeezys in a size nine have gone up on TradeMe for a whopping $1000. Guess who gave me the tip off... Yeap, Simon.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#520 Sneaker freakers camp out - it's gonna be one long Nike

Six sneaker freakers brave the cold outside Qubic in hope of purchasing a pair of Kanye West's much coveted Nike Air Yeezys that go on sale tomorrow night in Newmarket, Auckland. As I reported yesterday, only 30 pairs are coming in, and each of the first 100 in line get a lottery ticket that gives them a chance to buy a pair. That means that despite being there 24 hours in advance, there's no guarantee that any of those guys will get the shoes! As one of the hopefuls said to me, "well, if I don't get them, at least I can tell my kids I waited all night and all day for a pair of shoes that never came through". Now that's a fan. Once again my main man Simon Hoffman alerted me about the happy campers. Thanks Simon - you're everywhere at the moment... You're like the wind.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#518 Nike Air Yeezy - Kanye West designed shoes part II

Images /solejam

I'm no sneaker-freaker and I don't generally get into thugged out style, but that don't mean I'm not straight East Coast gangsta. Plus, if Mr West's in, I'm in too. (Remember those Kanye for LV shoes back in Paris?) And I do have a bit of a soft spot for Nike, I was quite into Dunks for a while there and used to try to wear a different pair most days of the week – until I realised how much more fun could be had by wearing the exact same outfit everyday! So here's the dillyo. Kanye West has designed an extremely limited edition pair of shoes (above) for Nike, named the Air Yeezy. Each country is being sent 30 pairs, and all the New Zealand ones are going to Auckland store Qubic on Broadway. To celebrate, the store is having a bit of a shin-dig with music, giveaways and all that sort of jazz.