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#1816 Kiwi hairdresser Richard Kavanagh is leading three shows at RAFW and then keeping out of the way of young stylists


Photos: Katherine Lowe Richard Kavanagh is the top ranking session stylist at RAFW. As a member of Guido’s show team, the Kiwi hairdresser regularly works backstage for houses like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Miu Miu and Calvin Klein. Here in Sydney, he’s leading three shows: Magdalena Velevska, Kooey and Arnsdorf, which walked this afternoon. “We wanted to capture the essence of a casually elegant woman who gets out of the shower, puts her hair in a wet bun and walks out the door,” he said about Arnsdorf (see the photos above and below). The hair for Magdalena Velevska, he said, “Is

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#1976 Let the NYFW games begin


Alex and Dana from Argentina. New York Fashion Week is just two weeks away and the models have arrived – you can’t walk down the street without tripping over a bunch of tall teens huddling around a map searching out their next casting. I spent the day trailing Tom Bull and every which way we turned, another Australian seemed to jump out of the crowd. In a three block radius we saw Vanessa Milde, Luci Taffs and Rose Smith. Add them to the contingent who’ve been in town a few weeks already and it’s as if half of Sydney has

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#1956 Public Service Announcement: pay more than $13 for your next haircut


You know what’s not a good call? Walking into a random men’s barbershop in downtown Manhattan and paying $13 to get your hair cut. But that’s what I did first thing this morning. Against my much better judgement I opened the door and sat down in front of a 70 year old haircutter and watched as he hacked away at my head for seven or eight minutes. I stopped him before things got too out of hand. Where’s Richard Kavanagh when you need him?? I LIKE YOU!

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#1811 Pilot Magazine’s two covers feature Emily Baker in a wig and Christopher Landon in a mask


Photo: Olivia Hemus Pilot Magazine Issue 5 has just hit newsstands and comes with two cover options: Emily Baker in a gamine blonde wig styled by Richard Kavanagh, and Christopher Landon in a bejewelled mask, styled by Dan Ahwa. Both are the models’ first solo covers – Baker appeared on a 1am cover with Jenny Albright and Landon appeared on a Vogue Hommes Japan cover alongside seven other boys. If I had to choose one, I’d lean towards the Emily Baker version for reasons of historic significance, though I do like how much Landon looks like James Bond villain Le

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