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#1562 Stolen Girlfriends Club breaks out the Heavy Metal (and the jam jars) in Sydney


Dempsey Stewart as shot by Derek Henderson. Photos: Katherine Lowe Stolen Girlfriends Club reportedly ordered 1000 jam jars for their jewellery launch in Sydney on Thursday night. That’s a whole lotta glassware. It was a well-mannered but noisy affair, filled with good looking young Sydney-siders shouting out to each other across the room. A table was set up in the centre with the jewellery lying unguarded on top. “We want people to pick it up and try it on,” said SGC’s Luke Harwood. When asked if he was concerned about the very real possibility of theft, he joked, “We hand-selected

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#1644 The facts of life


1. Having a party at your house always seems like such a good idea when you’ve done a beautiful job decorating it and nobody has turned up yet. As soon as the crowds come, the pain begins. I threw one on Saturday night – noise control showed up three times, I narrowly avoided getting a $600 fine and some guy peed on the living room floor. The moral of that story is: save yourself the panic attacks. Don’t do it.2. The American version of The Office is amazing. I never gave it a chance because it seemed to pale in

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