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#2244 The best sweaters at C’H’C’M’


I’m not sure which one I love more – a good sweater or C’H’C’M’, but yesterday I got to enjoy both simultaneously so it was a win win for all. One of the advantages of having Katherine Lowe in town is that we can just shoot stuff whenever the mood takes us, so after visiting Happy Bones NYC (Kiwi Luke Harwood’s new cafe on Bond Street), we headed over to C’H’C’M’ to see the stock. Ancient Scottish knitwear company Drumohr’s sweaters had just arrived and I was overcome with the need to try on every single one of them, so

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#2053 A sweater for every occasion


My obsessive love for sweaters has been well-documented over the years. Besides a well-fitting pair of pants, the knitted sweater is hands-down my favourite garment. I came to New York with just two – my well-worn maroon Comme Play v neck and a ripped to shreds grey cashmere v neck that I used to wear to bed until it was stolen – you know who you are. My first acquisition upon arriving in the city was an extraordinarily blue cotton pullover from Club Monaco. But then I got a taste for the purchase and my sweater count doubled in quick

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#1716 Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you some sweet, sweet sweaters


Photos: Katherine Lowe It’s amazing what you can buy with $35 New Zealand dollars when you’re not in New Zealand. Back home it would get you (maybe) breakfast for two, half a tank of petrol, a third of a pair of Chuck Taylors or two tee shirts from AS Colour. At Uniqlo in Paris, I bought this white button-down oxford shirt and rusty-orange lambswool sweater combo (twinset?) for a grand total of $70 New Zealand dollars. And they’re both great quality and perfect fits! Uniqlo, Uniqlo, where everybody gets a bargain – and a money back guarantee!I’m wearing a Crane

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