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#1662 The facts of life


Photo: WeHeartIt 1. Women the world over swear by Sex and the City. I swear by Entourage. But being the open minded young man that I am, I decided to give SATC a go. Two seasons in, I have reached a conclusion: Carrie Bradshaw makes me want to stab out my own eyeballs!Photo: Inventory 2. Converse has made the perfect pair of summer sneakers. They’re called the First String Matchpoint and they are the jam. Buy them online from Oi Polloi or in Auckland from Qubic. 3. Trends that I hope will die in 2011: drop-crotch/harem pants. They nasty! 4.

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#2150 What’s It Like Living In New York City?


Photo: Katherine Lowe (from here) Anonymous asks: How long have you been an expat? What’s it like in the big apple? I left New Zealand for Singapore on June 9 last year. From there I went to Milan, then Paris, and I arrived in New York on August 8. So I’ve been gone from New Zealand about 10 months now, and in New York about seven. This city is amazing. You have ready access to the best people in the industry, you’re surrounded by your heroes and the opportunities are insane if you can seize them. You learn very quickly

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