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#2514 “Freida Pinto Was A Sweetheart”: Tom Bull On Filming The New Free People Short Film

How’s this for an impressive debut: my man Tom Bull‘s first big acting job is in the just-released Free People Spring/Summer short film, alongside Freida Pinto. The film follows Tom, a young guy visiting India for a wedding, as he meets and falls in love with Maya, played by Pinto. At first Maya is shy and holds back, but soon her barriers fall away and she gives into the attraction. Cue prolonged eye contact, dancing, running through corridors, and insane chemistry.

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#2152 The Fall/Winter 2012 Barkers campaign with Mister Thomas Bull


Photos: Greg Lewis Barkers have begun rolling out the campaign images we shot in New York with Tom Bull last month, to coincide with the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations. But allow me to digress for a second. Did you know that back in the early days, Barkers was one of the first stores in New Zealand to illegally trade on weekends? The story goes that founder Ray Barker got together with the Record Warehouse on Vulcan Lane and opened the doors on Saturdays to the general public. It proved such a success that the fines didn’t deter them, and within

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#2586 The Bridget Malcolm Q&A


I first met Australian model Bridget Malcolm at the Wholefoods supermarket on Houston Street on the afternoon of Thanksgiving, 2011. Tom Bull and I were there buying two giant chickens, and we bumped into Bridget and fellow Aussie model Rose Smith and promptly invited them to dinner, so I ended up spending my first American Thanksgiving in the company of a bunch of particularly attractive Perthites.

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#2418 The facts of life


Photo: Tommy Ton 1. I have this friend named Ljubo who’s what you might call a larger-than-life character. (By that I mean he’s a 6’4″ Croation/Australian with a big voice and a bigger personality.) So Ljubo and I were at the homewares store Crate & Barrel on the weekend, and he thought it’d be a good idea to walk around wearing his bulky backpack filled with books and gym clothes and whatever else a guy of his type might carry around. Things were all going swimmingly until we were going down the escalator, and he turned suddenly to hear what

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