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#1814 Tommy Ton arrived in Australia this morning and has already gone to work


Photo: Katherine Lowe I’ve made no attempt to disguise the fact that I am an enormous Jak and Jil fan – Tommy Ton regularly takes photos that inspire me to buy potentially unnecessary items such as a floppy hat, a green blazer or a monogrammed leather satchel. But alongside his prowess with a camera, he’s also a hell of a nice guy; I accost him outside shows on a regular basis and he always greets me with a smile. Ton landed in Australia from Los Angeles at 6:30am and was already shooting subjects when I saw him at 11:30am. What

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#1707 Justin Wu and Tommy Ton teamed up to make this hilarious video of male models singing and dancing

Fashion filmmaker, photographer, Canadian and all around nice guy Justin Wu has done it again, teaming up with streetstyle sharp shooter (and fellow Canadian) Tommy Ton to create another one of his fantastical all singing, all dancing, behind-the-scenes-at-fashion-week video sensations. Set to the tune of The Dandy Warhols’ Bohemian Like You, and featuring just about every male model under the sun – from Mark Cox to Robbie Wadge, Francisco Lachowski to David Gandy and Adrian Bosch to Simon Nessman – I’d advise you to crank up the volume, jump out of your seat and join the festivities. But please be

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#1451 The best-dressed man – Robert Rabensteiner by Tommy Ton


Photos: Tommy Ton for GQ Tommy Ton is by far and large my favourite streetstyle photographer. I could go on for hours about his impeccable taste and how he captures moments so perfectly, but there’s no need; his photographs speak for themselves. If I had just one gripe about what he does on Jak and Jil, it’d have to be that he doesn’t put enough emphasis on the well-dressed gentlemen among us. Sure there’s his deal with GQ, but that only comes out during the show season – we need more! But then just as you’re feeling less than inspired,

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#1671 Beards, beanies and beat up blue jeans at Pitti Uomo


Photos: Tommy Ton for GQ and Pitti Uomo (the seasonal menswear trade show held in Florence that sets the tone for what cool men will actually be wearing next season), is on right now. And while the collections themselves are nothing to gloss over, it’s the gentlemen that attend the event who really force the menswear community to sit up and take notice. What I’m trying to say is that it’s one of the few times every year that guys can stare at photos of other guys with a deep, deep yearning and not feel weird about it. The

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