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#1147 Corduroy suits are my new obsession


Wes Anderson… a vision in tan corduroy It’s been a while since I had a proper obsession. Last year I had the maroon suit and the uniform dressing. Those were true obsessions. Wake up, thinking about maroon suits and uniform dressing. Go to sleep, thinking about maroon suits and uniform dresssing. Talk to my Mum on the phone… about maroon suits and uniform dressing. This year though, while I’ve gotten quite into those blazers that button all the way up and everything forest green, nothing’s come along and slapped me in the face, knocked me off my feet and taken

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#766 Clement Chabernaud in shades of beige


All Images /The Fashionisto It would seem that I’m not alone in the promulgation of uniform dressing (or beige pants). The latest issue of Details has this nine page Clement Chabernaud editorial based solely around the Pantone colour Camel. I can honestly say it’s the best damn editorial I’ve seen in such a long time. I’m big on product rather than process – something that looks great rather than something that comes from an artistic place or a mood. Don’t get me wrong, I love creativity, but I want to look at fashion that is aspirational and inspiring at the

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#764 What’s in store at School Uniform Centre


It’s no secret I’m a fan of uniform dressing. In fact, the third post I wrote on Isaac Likes was all about dressing like a schoolboy. Michael Whittaker and I were at a bit of a loose end yesterday so we decided to pay a visit to the School Uniform Centre in Remuera. I figured at the very least I could find a few sweaters to add to my collection – but it never occurred to me that the whole ensemble could be so fresh. Once I got started I couldn’t stop and before long I’d walked out with a

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