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#1716 Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you some sweet, sweet sweaters


Photos: Katherine Lowe It’s amazing what you can buy with $35 New Zealand dollars when you’re not in New Zealand. Back home it would get you (maybe) breakfast for two, half a tank of petrol, a third of a pair of Chuck Taylors or two tee shirts from AS Colour. At Uniqlo in Paris, I bought this white button-down oxford shirt and rusty-orange lambswool sweater combo (twinset?) for a grand total of $70 New Zealand dollars. And they’re both great quality and perfect fits! Uniqlo, Uniqlo, where everybody gets a bargain – and a money back guarantee!I’m wearing a Crane

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#1661 What’s next after skinny jeans?


Photo: The Sartorialist If there was one fashion trend that exemplified the decade just gone, it was skinny jeans. Back in 2004, taking cues from Hedi Slimane’s offerings for Dior Homme, my friends and I used to buy the slimmest jeans available and deliver them straight to our friendly neighbourhood tailors to get them tapered on the drive home. Wearing them was a struggle (it was near impossible to get them past the ankles or over the knees), and could be dangerous – you’d be amazed by how many jocks were eager to pick a fight with us ‘Emo faggots!’

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