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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#1949 Paris – a week in disposable photos

Zippora Seven at L'as du Fallafel.

Another week sans camera, another set of disposable photos. But here's the good news: my new Canon DSLR (I'm moving up in the world) should arrive this week from Copenhagen so pretty soon I'll be shooting like a pro. What follows is another week in real-life, hold-in-your-hand, printed-on-paper photographs.

Friday, July 22, 2011

#1937 Vinnie Woolston plays himself in Hilfiger Denim's Spring 2012 campaign

Vinnie Woolston for Hilfiger Denim Spring 2012. Photos: The Fashionisto

If models can be typecast in much the same way as actors – ie Woody Allen and his self-imposed neuroses, Jackie Chan and his unassuming kung fu heroics, Owen Wilson and himself – then Vinnie Woolston is the perennial mischievous-yet-soulful street kid. By that I mean, whenever I see him in a denim campaign, he's so utterly believable in the role that you'd think he'd just strolled on set in his own clothes, hung out for a bit in front of the camera and then gone on his merry way. His Spring 2012 Hilfiger Denim campaign was just released today and if you look at the pictures I think you'll see what I'm getting at.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

#1890 Modern-day armour for the Mugler man

Photos: HommeModel

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, star of last season’s Mugler re-launch, was nowhere to be found at the label’s second outing today, but a familiar face showed up in his stead: Kiwi male model Vinnie Woolston – star of countless Zambesi campaigns –repped locally by 62 Models. He was dressed in a beige suit with gold-plated headband and neckpiece – an armour of sorts – and it formed the key motif for the entire collection: literally, in metallic arm shields, and implied, in the sweaters panelled to resemble a motocross rider’s protective gear.

#1889 Kiwi male model Vinnie Woolston walked Mugler

So there I was standing next to a giant veiled statue at the Galerie de Minéralogie, watching the Mugler show, when out walked Kiwi male model Vinnie Woolston in a beige suit with gold-plated headband and neckpiece. There's nothing like seeing a compatriot on the international stage to give you a surge of nationalistic pride. After the show he told me that he's got a few more jobs lined up this week, so no doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the next few days. Can I get a ka pai? GO THE KIWIS!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

#1515 Huffer's new womenswear gets the thumbs up

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Huffer's show last night heralded two things – the launch of ex-Lonely Hearts designer Aimee MacFarlane's first womenswear collection for the brand, and the close of the NZFW Fall 2011 collections. No expense was spared. Held at the new Auckland University Business School building, I counted about five different bars, a coffee cart, four giant lighting rigs, three All Blacks (Dan Carter, Richie McCaw and Ali Williams) and one America's Next Top Model winner – Krista White. Did I mention the $50 Telecom prepaid voucher in the goodie bag? Ching Ching!

Friday, September 24, 2010

#1508 Stolen Girlfriends Club – more bang for your buck

The groom – Vinnie Woolston. Photos: Katherine Lowe

There's something to be said for a brand that can keep the punters waiting over an hour for their show and still have them cheering the moment the lights go down. So it was at Stolen Girlfriends Club last night, where, according to eyewitnesses, the crowd was so large, a queue was still snaking around the corner of the street 30 minutes after scheduled start time (rumour has it 200 too many people were invited). SGC has amassed a cult following over the last couple of years, known as much for their massive parties as for their ripped up jeans and poppy tee shirts. The party was still huge, but last night's collection showed a new, consolidated direction for the brand, and it was easily the best we've seen from them yet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#1491 Zambesi – Athletics Inc

Dayne Johnston with Jasper Seven. Photos: Katherine Lowe

"Athletics, French sailors and the campus," declared Zambesi Man designer Dayne Johnston after his show tonight, "Those were our influences." Three quite disparate ideas, but Johnston managed to combine them to create his most cohesive collection to date. The boys' makeup was war paint, inspired by the competitiveness of sports matches. Trouser cuffs and jacket collars were ribbed like a team's tracksuit, and a tee shirt that hung low at the back evoked a baseball catcher's. The collegiate strain could be found in simple outfits like a camel blazer paired with a sweater and shirt; and the French sailor appeared in a baseball jacket's shawl-collared ribbing – propped up to guard against chillly sea winds.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#750 Zambesi Spring/Summer 2010 - a feeling of loss

Zambesi were kind enough to send me a preview look at their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign with models Vinnie Woolston and Alina Levichkina. Shot inside a house (possibly the Findlay's family home), the black and white campaign is all about a mood of... sadness? loss? deep thought? summery brooding? Whatever it is, one thing's for sure - it's all about Vinnie Woolston. Woolston has been menswear designer Dayne Johnston's muse for years - this is his fifth campaign for the brand. It was also the last job Woolston shot before leaving to model in Europe fulltime in July. Maybe then the feeling of sadness in the campaign is literal - Zambesi mourning the loss of their most prolific campaign model and muse.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#672 New on my blogroll - The Fashionisto

Vinnie Woolston - All images /The Fashionisto

I've recently gotten slightly obsessed with menswear blog Fashionisto. It's my new go-to-blog for all things relating to clothes, campaigns, male models and scandal in the menswear business. I'm a former addict, but their blog has gotten a bit too non-fashion related for my liking of late. So anyway, imagine my surprise and delight when I logged on to Fashionisto this morning and saw our boy Vinnie Woolston as their Photo of the Day - they did a piece on Michael Whittaker's Kult editorial last week too. Also on the blog today - a 12 page editorial with new-on-the-scene male model Yuri. I met Yuri in Paris, he's of Russian stock but lives in the Bronx, and he speaks with that amazing New Yawk accent - a molotov cocktail of mafia and ghetto slang. A certain friend of mine was rather enamoured of Yuri while we were in Paris, but lost the spark after they heard the voice. Well, certain-friend-of-mine, just for you, here's the editorial in full - no voice included.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

#589 Vinnie Woolston - you asked for it

All images /David Shields for Melbourne's Sunday Magazine

Apologies for my extreme lack of blogging today, this is the first time I've been in front of a computer since last night. I flew into Christchurch early this morning and I've been doing wedding stuff all day - it would seem waltzing isn't quite as easy as it looks! Last week I did a post on the few NZ male models who are doing anything exciting at the moment, and had an immediate swarm of requests for recent Vinnie Woolston work. Coincidentally, yesterday morning my best good mate John Randerson sent me an email from Melbourne saying that the Sunday Magazine over there had featured a David Shields/Vinnie Woolston editorial in the weekend. So here it is for you (more below). It looks like it was shot at a West Coast beach - a David Shields signature - and was styled by David Bonney.

The moral of the story is, those who ask shall receive.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#568 Ford/V Man Finalist Aiden Andrews a Kiwi. Who knew?

All images /TFS

I'm no mathematician so I'm not going to try and work out a successful-model-per-capita statistic, but in my estimation, despite being a small country, New Zealand doesn't seem to churn out a whole bunch of international standard high fashion male models. Rugby players, yes, male models, no. I mean look at a country like Denmark - similar size population, almost entirely surrounded by water - and they've produced some of the biggest guys of the last couple of years - Matthias Lauridsen, Eddie Klint... It's like you'd trip over in Copenhagen and land on a pile of guys who could book a fragrance campaign. But not New Zealand.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

#206 Vinnie Woolston – from Agyness to Formichetti

Photo: Runway Reporter

As seen on Runway Reporter last Friday, New Zealand model Vinnie Woolston chumming it up with Brit superstar Agyness Deyn at the House of Holland after party during London Fashion Week. The boy from Raglan, (repped in New Zealand by 62 Models) has been modelling up a storm in London for the past few months with FM Models (also rising star Levi Clarke's London agents).

My Australasian readers will most likely recognise Woolston from the racy Wrangler Strangler TVC, (above) where he struggles to get his jeans over his crotch. Besides Wrangler, Woolston has also featured in numerous other campaigns here and in Australia, including Sunglass Hut, Zambesi and Nom*D.

Photo: FM Models (with Josh Beech)

Described as having "a winning personality" by one of his agents, since being in London Woolston has shot editorials with US and British GQ, Arena, Numero, iD and Dazed and Confused, including the above shoot with's #10 on the top 50 male models list Josh Beech, and #19 Cole Mohr (not pictured). According to 62 Models, he also recently shot "something for Hermes", though no word on whether it's a campaign or when it's coming out.

Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Blog

Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Blog (Vinnie pretending to kiss what looks to be a poster of Miranda Kerr)

But it was the two photos above that really caught my eye today, as seen on Nicola Formichetti's Blog. I was on there looking at the post about young male model Randy Johnston who died in the weekend – read all about it at Patty Huntington's frockwriter blog.

Nicola Formichetti is perhaps the biggest name in styling right now, with his resume including fashion stylist, Creative Director DAZED & CONFUSED. Fashion Director VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN, Senior Fashion Editor ANOTHER MAN, and Contributing Fashion Editor V and VMAN. The above photos were included in a post titled MAVI JEANS / TOSCANI - BODRUM, TURKEY! which leads this blogger to believe that Woolston was shooting the Turkey denim label Mavi Jeans' campaign, styled by Nicola Formichetti.

So does it get any better than that for a young model? Well, apparently it must. As told to me today by 62 Models, Woolston is on his way back home to New Zealand this weekend for the summer. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but I hope he does whatever he needs to do here and gets back over there as quickly as possible. Boy's got a career to think of!