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#1530 The Superette Magazine: Retailers coming full circle – from catalogues to blogs and back again


Photos: Olivia Hemus + supplied If there was one overwhelming lesson to be learned from the recession, it was this: the necessity for added value in today’s economy. Meaning, when there are a billion different places we as consumers can potentially spend money, those outlets that offer the greatest bang for your buck will win. That, combined with the immense growth of social media and social networking, has meant that the best businesses have grown savvy. Fashion retailers are a perfect example. It’s no longer acceptable for a store to offer clothing alone, there has to be an email database,

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#1273 Zambesi Man’s going to Paris


Photos: Marissa Findlay* Coming from New Zealand is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, we live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, but let’s face it – we’re down the proverbial buttocks-end of the world. It goes without saying that our home front success stories don’t always translate into global triumphs. Our greatest brands are those that use New Zealand’s strengths but compete on a global scale – Peter Jackson, 42Below, Weta Workshop, Canterbury of New Zealand, Ice Breaker. The difference between them and the rest (besides, perhaps, a better product and extreme ambition), is

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