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Saturday, October 10, 2009

#876 Shot of the day - from the VNZMA red carpet

Image /Chloe Powers

I had the time of my life at the Music Awards. Highlights - my hot date Anna Fitzpatrick (shwiiiing); hanging with Christobelle; unlimited bottles of Vitamin Water; chewing a lovely National MP's ear off about my love for Helen Clarke. Lowlights - slipping over like this in front of about 50 people then having to laugh through the tears.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#424 I love vitaminwater (and fashion) Part II

Can you imagine anything more illuminatingly refreshing (see what I did there?) than a vitaminwater chandelier? Me neither! (I've just discovered vitaminwater is spelt all one word and lowercase. Who knew?) This vitaminwater chandelier was created especially for the Maise show which took place in Sydney last night. You might remember my love affair with vitaminwater began after Showroom 22's I Love Fashion party a couple of months ago, and since then I've been putting away a bottle or so a day (but don't tell my flatmates because it's theirs). After I did that first post about vitaminwater vitaminwater sent me some vitaminwater.

Hey vitaminwater send me some more vitaminwater!

I like vitaminwater.

They make me thirsty just looking at them.

Looks like a good catch! Get it? Because it's a fishing net with vitaminwater in it. So it's like they put the net down to get a whole bunch of fish and came up with a whole bunch of vitaminwater.

What's your flavourite vitaminwater flavour? At first I was all Dragonberry but now I'm all Strawberry and Kiwi. Did you know that vitaminwater contains quite a lot of sugar? At first I thought it was a health drink because of its name, but then I realised that it's not as good for you as I first thought. The sugar makes it taste better though I guess.