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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#2137 Pump up and shut up

Photo: Scouting NY

My roommate is a burly male model and his friends are burly male models. Whenever they get together it's as you'd expect: They taunt, they compete, they outdo one another, and when there's nothing left for it, they throw on a pair of gloves and box it out (obviously, no punches to the face are allowed). I am therefore the butt of numerous jokes, due to my smaller stature, my slender (yet graceful) wrists and my preference for witty banter over bloodsport. If I attempt to compete in the physical arena I get hurt, and as soon as the shirts come off I'm hopelessly outmatched. So two weeks ago, in an attempt to man up, I signed up for the nearest gym in Williamsburg – Frenchies.

Friday, July 23, 2010

#1363 And the best jock call of the day goes to... Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski – Photo: NY Times

Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski was interviewed by The Cut this morning, and he came out with this gem of a call: "When I was 16, I was so skinny. I went to the gym all day for three months and did weight machines. My entire body changed. My mother told me to stop because I became too strong. Now, with modeling, I don’t really get to work out. I continue to play sports and do mostly cardio. I am lucky: My body has good muscle memory." You'd be amazed at the amount of times I've stood backstage near a group of beefy male models discussing diets and workout programmes like you and I would discuss the weather. Make no mistakes, I'm not poking fun, their bodies are their business and the best way to grow that business is by taking care of... business.