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#1786 Twenty-seven Names makes looking good look easy


Photos: Guy Coombes via So Much To Tell You Twenty-seven Names launched their Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Australia earlier this week with an exhibition of Guy Coombes photographs accompanied by designer Rachel Easting’s illustrations. Featuring Zippora Seven, Kelsey Martinovich of Australia’s Next Top Model fame and three other young girls, the campaign is the best thing I’ve seen come out of New Zealand in a long time. Pretty girls, cute clothes, great photos – they make it look so simple. If I was a lady I’d be snapping up a good chunk of the collection, including, but not limited to,

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#1566 Zippora Seven reaches new heights, bags DKNY campaign


Photo: supplied Forget the little engine, Zippora Seven is the little model who could. Standing at five foot seven and a half (which is short by modelling standards), Seven’s career has been impressive for a model of any height. Since starting out in New Zealand and blitzing the local market with campaigns for Kate Sylvester, Ruby, Zambesi and Glassons, she’s gone on to gain a cult-like following on the blogosphere and is a regular editorial go-to-girl, particularly in the Australasian magazines. There’s just something about Zippora. Seven’s latest coup is the DKNY Resort 2010 campaign, which she stars in alongside

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#1551 Zippora Seven to shoot with Terry Richardson?


Photo: Terry Richardson Zippora Seven had a modest Fashion Week in New York, appearing in three or four presentations in the first few days before largely disappearing off the radar. According to sources, she then stayed back in New York, skipping the European legs of the season for an as yet unknown campaign. The lack of shows isn’t hurting her career any, just open up any indie Australasian magazine and you’ll no doubt see an editorial featuring Seven within, probably styled by another Kiwi rising star, Zara Mirkin. And just today, she showed up on Terry Richardson’s personal Tumblr. Whether

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#1373 Nine year old Cisco Seven joins Zippora and Jasper in the family business


Photo: Karen Inderbitzen Waller Most of us are lucky to have just one good looking person in our family. Two, and fate was smiling. But three? Forget about it. Meet the Sevens. First there was Zippora, touted as New Zealand’s answer to Kate Moss; then Jasper (currently working up a storm internationally with his model girlfriend Dempsey Stewart); and now the Sevens can add another string to their model bow. Nine year old Cisco is the youngest child in the family and has just shot his first campaign – alongside big brother Jasper no less – for Crane Brothers. Lensed

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#708 Jasper Seven hits The Gap


All Images /Gap Japan via Excellent Male Model There’s something in that Seven family blood. First you’ve got Zippora, often referred to as New Zealand’s answer to Kate Moss, then there’s Jasper, the older brother, who’s kept it pretty quiet of late, mostly working in Europe and Japan. But I’ve even heard rumours of Cisco – a much younger brother who looks like he could get in on the action once he’s of age. Anyway, I don’t often post about Jasper, but I was doing my daily blog trawl last night and I found the new S/S 2010 Japanese Gap

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