Thursday, July 31, 2014

#2581 Blow Up At Blind Barber

I've been obsessed with the movie Blow Up ever since I studied it at university back home in New Zealand. Truth be told it's a bit of a difficult film to understand, and I'm not at all sure that I ever truly got it, but I enjoy the acting and the slight character development, and I love the aesthetics. In short, it follows a hedonistic, arrogant, and egotistical fashion photographer as he runs around London for a couple of days working and chasing girls; then on one of his afternoon adventures, he witnesses a potential crime, shoots it from far away (while never attempting to assist the victim), then develops and subsequently blows up the photographs bigger and bigger to try and make sense of what he saw.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#2580 Lacoste L!VE — New Perspective

You might remember that back in April I was lucky enough to be flown out to Palm Springs* during the music festival for the launch of Lacoste's new fragrance, Lacoste L!VE. It was a bit of a cloak and dagger operation. The launch itself took place in a cube on the property of the Lacoste Mansion during the brand's giant pool party, and as you would expect at a soiree with drinks flowing and curiosities aroused, scores of people wandered over to see if they could have a look inside, but were turned away by the stern security guard on the door. I was one of 20 lucky SOBs allowed inside. Over the course of two days we were taken through a full scent-education by Mr Will Andrews, the fascinating gentleman who designed the fragrance, and we were treated to a sensory overload as we sniff-tested all the ingredients it contains — lime, Absinthe, licorice, Guaiac Wood, green leaves, aqua, and more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


On Thursday last week, someone named Marie who I cared about deeply killed herself in New Zealand. It wasn't exactly a shock because of how often she'd talked about ending things, but it was like the thing that you've been waiting for years to happen but didn't want to happen had happened. It hit me pretty hard, we'd been texting each other just a few days earlier. It was especially hard on my Mum because she had supported Marie through years of depression, and my Mum was the very last person she called to say goodbye. The funeral was yesterday, and because I couldn't be there, I wrote a little letter for my Dad to read out, which he did. My parents called me while I was on the bus ride home from work today and told me about how the funeral had gone, and I was simultaneously devastated and moved as they recalled the tragic parts and the parts where people laughed, and the music and the photo slideshow and everything like that. Apparently it was a beautiful service.

#2578 Your Mate Nike Roshe Runs

Hey gidday mates. Since starting this blog I've done countless clothing customisation programmes and online shopping experiments and made to measure suiting appointments where you have no idea what the end result is going to be, only for the thing to come out horribly at the tail end; but I don't think I've ever had an experience where the results vastly exceeded my expectations. But this time I won. My mates gave me a NikeiD voucher for my 30th birthday, and I decided on a pair of Roshe Runs, in the darkly named colour Obsidian, with a speckled sole, white laces, swoosh and trim, and a blue heel tag. For lolz I added the words YOUR MATE on the back, which is an expression constantly used by MY MATES whenever somebody does something embarrassing or offensive or ridiculous and nobody wants to claim ownership for the guilty party. As in, "Na na na he's your mate — don't try and palm him off on me." Since the box arrived two weeks ago, I've worn nothing but, and I am already coming up with hilarious word combinations to put on the back of my next pair. If you have any ideas, I will gladly take suggestions in the comments below.

Friday, July 25, 2014

#2577 Are Guys On Tinder Really Looking For Relationships?

Anon asks: Hi Isaac I wanted to know your honest opinion. I started Tinder and a lot of these guys ask to meet up. There's one I really like but I don't know much about him. If I have sex with him the first date do guys usually disappear after because the chase is over? I know I'm really generalising men into one thing but I'm kinda confused. He asked me to come over and chill (like most guys on Tinder) and so I want to but isn't that asking for a booty call almost? Is it possible to chill at his place without sex?

Hello friend. I think you need to make the distinction between someone who is attempting to get into a relationship with you, and someone who is attempting to score some no-strings-attached bedroom fun.